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Update on Stormy


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Update 3/2/2012:

OK, I see it's been awhile since my last update, but I'll be brief;

I had the surgery, they removed half my right lung, I came home in January, somehow got an infection where my heart and lungs connect to one another. This resulted in cardio/respiratory arrest and a flight to El Paso for another 3 weeks stay.

I'm now home and improving daily, lots of good food and rest. I'll find out about chemo/radio etc, hopefully March 6th when I go back to VA for a consult.


Update 3/5/2012

We're on the way to El Paso for appointments tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll have god news when I get back.


Update 3/7/2012

Spent 9 hours at VA yesterday, so this will be short.

Had my chest drain pulled out 4cm, right lung still not fully inflated, so we're looking a options there.

Had a CT Scan done, 100% cancer free, so no chemo or radiology treatments.


Update 3/15/2012

OK, Good news, I'm getting stronger day by day.

Bad news, I continue to have minor setbacks, which are frustrating but I know they're to be expected, so I try not to be upset.

Next VA appointment is 3/27 hopefully they will remove this drain.

Another excellent bit of news is that I now go sleep for a full 8-10 hours a night :)


Update 3/17/2011

Weal, I'm not sure how many noticed, but I disappeared rather abruptly yesterday.

I was going to take a shower, while undressing, the drain in my chest fell out and I had to make an emergency run to El Paso.


We were in such a dither to leave that we forgot to load a laptop and Doctor's weren't done till after 5 PM so we stayed overnight and just got home.

Anyway, they decided to leave the drain out and see how things went as it would require General Anesthesia and surgery to replace it [The tube was about 3/8 of an inch in diameter and 15 inches long :(

End of it all, I'm home and so far feeling much better, I lost a lot of the pain in my chest and side :(

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This morning a little bird told me as I was walking that actually what Stormy was doing was getting his 1,000,000 mile service and refit. This is somewhat like what the Navy is having done to the USS Abe Lincoln here at the Newport News Shipyard. :|  (6) I understand that Koach (6) is due his in a little while.

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