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  1. We look through our bans to make sure we aren't banning people for being a bot every few hours (or more often). Hopefully, you weren't banned for long
  2. That is a really beautiful tool box, Tony.
  3. Hi everyone, We have updated our servers and have new IP addresses. chat1.koach.com = chat2.koach.com = chat3.koach.com = chat4.koach.com = Our webchat will automatically use one of the above servers. Mirc users round robin type : /server irc.koach.com:+6697 (for SSL connections) /server irc.koach.com:6667 (for non SSL connections) Of course, you can use a specific server listed above too. Leave a message in our forum if you are having trouble connecting.
  4. Great picture! Is that you driving and who was taking the picture?
  5. A late Merry Christmas to everyone! I like that picture, Patsy.
  6. I am slow, as usual lol Happy New Year everyone!
  7. Here's a picture I saw in one of the news papers of the fires as it was spreading the first night;
  8. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Koach
  9. Koach


    I like these posts, Johnrambo. My parents had little figures like these that they would put out every Christmas.
  10. nice set up. I have my guitar room monitors set up like that too.
  11. Yea, I have my favorites locked to the Taskbar too.
  12. LOL not so far off from the truth either.
  13. That's a cool looking electric bike.
  14. I got my covid booster shot today, I must have been a very good, very brave boy, because when I got home I found that they had put this band aid on me lol
  15. Now that's what I call a store front! lol
  16. Happy Birthday, Pat. I hope you see this.
  17. Koach

    samsung dex

    Is that your phone?
  18. Happy Belated Birthday, Trev!! Hope you had a great day
  19. That's great he remembered you and remembered how to contact you.
  20. Nice car, what did it sell for?
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