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  1. OMG! Thank You all so very much! I been buried in boxes! I have pretty much got a handle on it now and dying from major computer withdraw.... Thank you Thank You
  2. (^) (^) Happy Birthday!! (^) (^)
  3. Happy Birthday To You!! and Many More!
  4. Happy Birthday! TV, Have wonder day!
  5. Hello Vipes, In mirc options/connect fill in full name-email -nickname- and alternative with what ever you want than In mirc open Scripts editor, click on Remote tab add on *:CONNECT:{if Koach.com == $network { /identify yourpassword /join #roomname } hope this helps Crysta
  6. Love Love Love That! Thank You !
  7. I can't help with this either sorry.
  8. Happy Birthday! and many more! Crysta
  9. Happy Birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!
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