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  1. OMG! Thank You all so very much! I been buried in boxes! I have pretty much got a handle on it now and dying from major computer withdraw.... Thank you Thank You
  2. (^) (^) Happy Birthday!! (^) (^)
  3. Happy Birthday To You!! and Many More!
  4. Happy Birthday! TV, Have wonder day!
  5. Hello Vipes, In mirc options/connect fill in full name-email -nickname- and alternative with what ever you want than In mirc open Scripts editor, click on Remote tab add on *:CONNECT:{if Koach.com == $network { /identify yourpassword /join #roomname } hope this helps Crysta
  6. Love Love Love That! Thank You !
  7. I can't help with this either sorry.
  8. Crysta

    Game Updates

    yes, a couple of the answers are censored, but I think it should remain +G .
  9. Crysta

    Game Updates

    Hi Uno players! Uno has been updated, with some new twists you can now play the "wild draw four" and "wild draw two" cards at any time !! So come on in and play!! Have fun! Crysta
  10. Happy Birthday! and many more! Crysta
  11. Happy Birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!
  12. omg Sis so sorry for the late Birthday wish! Happy Birthday!!
  13. Crysta


    We now have 40500 questions & 1199 KAOS now in the database. Crysta
  14. Crysta


    Trivia has been updated! to BogusTrivia and 12000 new questions added, Join us play and have fun! See you there! Crysta
  15. Thanks Henry, can you include the name of the script or snippet with a link where it came from , a description, if you tried it. also how to load it, to each post please . Thank You, Crysta
  16. Thanks Henry, did you write this?
  17. Congratulations! Very Proud I bet ! side note, why does my post say, Posted Today, 06:40 PM when it is 1:40 am? I checked my time settings in my account profile it is set correctly.
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