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  1. Yes they do, and I think they hurt more when you are old. I'm disappointed you didn't get a video of it happening so we could really compare you to Sleepy Joe
  2. OUCH !!! Hope it's all good now
  3. I have kitchen drawers like that Stormy, I just push them and they glide shut by themselves.
  4. You're welcome Stormy πŸ™‚πŸ™ƒ
  5. Until our Stormy can get his computer issues sorted out, we'll leave the information for discussion here for everyone to see, so please check this thread and if you could mention it to others who join us for Readers Chat, that would be helpful Our story this week is another really short story about a man that tries to find closure after his mother died. But, he does so in a very unusual way. He chats with ChatGPT (an AI bot). The story is a log of the conversation. It’s pretty interesting, I hope everyone likes it. https://electricliterature.com/dear-chatbot-should-i-write-about-my-dead-mother-by-ethan-gilsdorf/
  6. Hi all, Stormy's computer has thrown a wobbly and he's unavailable and probably pacing right now, so we are going to be quite informal tomorrow for our Reader Discussion. We have a story (thanks Koach) and we all know the venue, so hope to see you there tomorrow for a bit of fun, frivolity and if we can fit it in, we can even discuss the story Story Link: https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1999575-The-Visit--Short-Story-by-Ray-Bradbury
  7. Here's one I did of my little dog Bonbon, fighting a lion
  8. What a cool cat ! Many years ago we had a black cat who had been feral until he adopted us. We called him Fang, he was fearless and would bail up the neighbourhood dogs now and then.
  9. Very cute, I think my Bonbon would like him
  10. HA HA thanks for the info, we have snakes like that, we call them pythons. Be careful it doesn't eat Panda !!!
  11. Lots of my friends play Wordle, I've tried but can't get into it (or not smart enough) ... one of my half-sisters plays sudoku constantly and that's another game I have tried and failed lol
  12. Nan

    A drive to the airport

    LOL !!!!! Good one :)
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