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  1. Very cute, I think my Bonbon would like him
  2. HA HA thanks for the info, we have snakes like that, we call them pythons. Be careful it doesn't eat Panda !!!
  3. Lots of my friends play Wordle, I've tried but can't get into it (or not smart enough) ... one of my half-sisters plays sudoku constantly and that's another game I have tried and failed lol
  4. Nan

    A drive to the airport

    LOL !!!!! Good one :)
  5. The Ukraine President is definitely an admirable man, wouldn't it be nice if we had more leaders like him
  6. Happy Birthday SolidSnake, I hope you had a great day
  7. Happy Birthday Trev, a bit late but I hope you had a great day
  8. A video of the dancing at our local celebration for Vanuatu Independence Anniversary. The song is about the "island dress" so all the girls get up to dance and show off their own dress. In Hawaii it's a muumuu and in Vanuatu it's referred to as a Mother Hubbard. They were introduced by missionaries many years ago. 20210731_134640.mp4
  9. Advanced age if nothing else ðŸĪĢ
  10. For those who have Facebook, I thought this was worth sharing https://www.facebook.com/LazyRabbitStory/photos/pcb.322195879324283/322195182657686
  11. Thanks Patsy ! I had a lovely weekend of cake with my girls and just a little vodka to wash down the cake
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