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  1. What is that a pic of, stormy?
  2. Very nice looking dog, Jen 🙂
  3. This is what Panda thought of it. She refuses to use it, to climb on it, or sniff it. But, she does use the scratching posts lol null
  4. That didn't work llke I wanted , so I tried this. Sparrow doesn't care, but she has clearly claimed both parts as her own.
  5. Now it's assembled and putting them next to each other to see what looks good. Sparrow doesn't care, She has no intention of leaving it.
  6. Sparrow was climbing all over the parts even before I started putting it together. Panda had no interest in it at all.
  7. I just noticed that the teacher didn't even get the last name right. Should be Roberson, not Robinson lol
  8. Clearly, we are ready to move to 100% EV lol
  9. oh! I just realized it's a video,. watching now
  10. LOL, please tell me that's a joke.
  11. Apparently, my grandfather was about as attentive in class as I was. This letter is from 1905. The teacher was not fooled lol.
  12. sudoku is one I think looks easy and yet, when I try it, i always fail lol
  13. Now I am nice and full null
  14. here i am a year later answering you, Nan lol it's a Bull snake, harmless and they eat a lot of rodents
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