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  1. What a pretty cat. She sure looks peaceful and happy
  2. Panda and Sparrow seem to get along much better now. I think Panda actually felt bad about hurting Sparrow. I'd have never thought it possible lol
  3. LOL I love the comments above. Happy Birthday Patsy!! Notice how we are all using really large letters for you?
  4. What were the approximate dates of those photos?
  5. My poor cat, Sparrow, who gets attacked by my psycho cat Panda, all the time, had to go to the emergency room early this morning at 2:30 AM. Sparrow and Panda fought about 4 days ago leaving Sparrow with a bad wound on her back. It got infected and I had to rush her to the pet emergency room yesterday. She's feeling a little better today.
  6. We've added a webpage that you can use to read chat memos, set your chat room settings, your nick settings, and so on. It makes things much easier than having to look up and type commands. Login to the page using your nickserv Name and your nickserv Password. If you have questions, you can ask them in chat or by leaving a message here. https://www.koach.com/services
  7. We look through our bans to make sure we aren't banning people for being a bot every few hours (or more often). Hopefully, you weren't banned for long
  8. That is a really beautiful tool box, Tony.
  9. Hi everyone, We have updated our servers and have new IP addresses. chat1.koach.com = chat2.koach.com = chat3.koach.com = chat4.koach.com = Our webchat will automatically use one of the above servers. Mirc users round robin type : /server irc.koach.com:+6697 (for SSL connections) /server irc.koach.com:6667 (for non SSL connections) Of course, you can use a specific server listed above too. Leave a message in our forum if you are having trouble connecting.
  10. Great picture! Is that you driving and who was taking the picture?
  11. A late Merry Christmas to everyone! I like that picture, Patsy.
  12. I am slow, as usual lol Happy New Year everyone!
  13. Here's a picture I saw in one of the news papers of the fires as it was spreading the first night;
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