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  1. Here's a picture Elusive_Butterfly sent me to post here. Great picture EB!
  2. Picture of Jason. Looking good, Jason 👍
  3. It's great you kept in touch after all those years lol
  4. I can't believe I am just seeing this for the first time lol. I actually didn't know that a regular chatter couldn't see their own IP. Thanks, Barqs
  5. Thanks DarkAlchemyXEX, I've never used that tool before, but I'm sure your instructions will be helpful to others. Thanks, Koach
  6. lol I just saw this. Yes, Panda came through in the basketball department.
  7. I think I am wrong, he used Bing.
  8. Koach

    UFO portal?

    I tried to convince my grandson this was a picture of a UFO portal opening. He didn't buy it lol null
  9. Odd used chatGPT to create these pictures of my cat, Panda, battling a fox lol
  10. Panda, the great hunter! 1684632278979.mp4
  11. This is jen's cute dog. null
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