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  1. Yum, I'm going to give that a try, I eat a lot of salad and I love coleslaw. I might try it without the sugar and see if it makes much of a difference. Thanks tallguy!
  2. oh WOW ... so beautiful but I guess not so welcome to those who have to clean it up somehow.
  3. Nan


    stormy that looks like my old Rover ride-on mower, it was so good, never missed a beat
  4. The ingredients tell me that could be really delicious, I am wondering why, especially as it's ground beef, (not cuts of a tougher beef such as gravy beef etc.) it needs to be cooked in a slow cooker on high for 6 hours, I'm thinking it would be a burned mess by then.
  5. Below is the personal "journey" of the daughter of the friend of my cousin, her name is Megan. This young woman lives in the UK and is in her 20s and she got covid last year. She posted on her Facebook what her life is like these days and some obstacles she's facing due to the after effects of having covid. This does not apply to everyone who gets the virus, some die, some recover, but it is known that for many, there are health problems that will continue for years due to the damage that the virus can do. I believe everyone should read it and be aware of what is possible.
  6. You're going to hate this, but I have to say it .. China did it, and brought their numbers under control and with strong lockdowns and health initiatives and they have a population of over 1 billion. The vaccines apparently lessen the symptoms of those who get covid-19 but they are saying that people can still get the virus and I'm unsure if they can still pass it on to others. This is of course, similar to how other vaccines work. Our Federal Govt worked with the States and together they made a plan that appears to work, although it's constantly evolving as new things are discovered
  7. Lockdown would help for a start - it's proven to have worked in other countries
  8. Unfortunately I get the impression there are many others who feel the same, and unfortunately because of that, I think there will be a lot more deaths and illness until someone sits up and pays attention and cares enough to take drastic action.
  9. Do you really think it's foolish instructions? When 400,000+ people have died in the USA? Do you think that perhaps the news sites are trying to get into peoples brains that this is very real and people need to take notice of what is needed to do in order to save lives?
  10. John Rambo I have to ask, because nobody else is asking, but is this going to continue every day for the rest of the year?
  11. They do show recoveries, on that update it's 1,297,294. I think our stats show National and then breakdown by States. I think also that the recoveries are the ones to be watched for the future, because apparently there aftermath of having covid can be a whole lot of health problems for life (or what's left of it).
  12. Nan


    So pretty and so quiet
  13. A friend who lives in the town where we used to live in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, sent me a photo today of the annual "darts competition" I thought you might enjoy seeing it
  14. Merry Christmas to you and the coders, chain.
  15. Ohhhh very cute, we had kangaroos come into our yard when we lived out of town on acreage, they were not at all bothered by us provided we didn't get too close.
  16. Very pretty, does it indicate a warm day to follow ?
  17. That looks nice and neat and tidy chain
  18. Nan

    Grocery run

    That's really scary LOL
  19. Ohhhhh she's sooo lovely, and cute and cuddly - on wait that's PsychoKitten ! I will need to edit what I said 😅🤣😂
  20. John, how about keeping all your Christmas posts to one thread and not flooding the board with seperate posts. It would be easier to read and follow if you keep them all together in one place (and appreciated by forum members too) .. thanks
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