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Koach.com's trivia game is played in #Trivia_Fun

Trivia on Koach.com has been updated to the lastest version, There are a few new features!!

Typing any of the following commands will display the latest stat scores.

 .stats <nick>


Auto-Voice for Top Players during this week week & this month.

Auto stop, the game will stop after a short time if no one is playing

Join #Trivia_Fun by entering /join #Trivia_fun   in your chat client's window.

If the game isn't already playing, type !start

To repeat the question, type q

For a hint type ~


Click here to view our Player Stats     <-- this does not work right now. Please check back.

#Trivia Can only be played with plain black font.

Have fun!

Crysta :)

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Trivia has been updated! to BogusTrivia and 12000 new questions added, Join us play and have fun!



See you there!


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Fantastic and thanks Crysta, I love trivia and need to get back and playing

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