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  1. It would have been pretty scary to be around when that blew up and I have been told the noise is incredibly loud too
  2. Yes Koach .. I've been lucky to have been able to live in a couple of countries that were definitely at first, out of my comfort zone. I have had some great adventures along the way and I am so pleased I had the chance to do something completely different. I learned a lot about people and different cultures along the way too
  3. This is from the Volcano Observatory where a friend works, looking down to the harbour and volcano .. they have quite a view
  4. In September 2016 I was back in Rabaul and this photo shows it as it was then (it had erupted since 1994 but not as badly) .. you can see the hot springs that are almost boiling. You can also see that the volcano itself, is not that high from ground level, but I guess there is a lot more of it under the ground. People can walk up to the rim and back again, I didn't do it on this volcano as apparently the ash is very slippery .
  5. As per a discussion, here are some photos that were taken during and the day after Mt Tavurvur erupted in 1994 together with Mount Vulcan. The volcano sits on the side of the harbour where the town of Rabaul is located. Today the town has been moved a bit further away to Kokopo although we were told people are slowly moving back to Rabaul. Rabaul and Kokopo are located on the island of New Britain in PNG. Tavurvur has erupted since 1994 but not to the same extent. Note: the photos were taken using colour film however due to the ash in the air they appear to be b&w
  6. Nan

    Man on toilet

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I saw this topic's heading I wondered what it was about and cautiously had a look ... love it rofl
  7. Nan

    Dead fly

    Casa is correct .. be very afraid !
  8. Nan

    Dead fly

    He's past his useby date that's for sure .. well done SuperKoach !!!
  9. Merry Christmas from Australia !!
  10. Ohhhh yes please, a picture of her would be great and we want to know if she looks like her mum or her dad or a combination of both. Also, what do the boys think of her? Do you get the idea, we want to know ALL about her lol
  11. Nan

    Dinner tonight

    That looks delicious .. well done !!!!!
  12. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl and welcome to the world to little Jenny !
  13. Nan

    reading room

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Oh, I forgot to mention I love that song .. haven't heard it before !!
  15. We had a combi like that one ..it was blue and white .. great vehicle
  16. Wishing all those who celebrate Thanksgiving a very happy time with family and friends
  17. I realised I forgot to add a pic of Bonbon since she's moved in with us .. this is what she looks like now, after a haircut
  18. Nan

    Texan X-mas lights ?

    They look like the strings of firecrackers that we used to light outside all the houses on Chinese New Year when we lived in New Guinea. The Dragon dancers would visit all the Chinese homes in town and when they arrived the strings of crackers would be lit .. with the sound of the drums and the crackers and it was pretty loud and heaps of fun
  19. Nan


    Smiley the frothy drink was an iced chocolate
  20. Nan

    No reason!

    if it goes straight up, then turns and goes straight back down, I hope they have enough lifeboats !
  21. Nan


    Brunch today was with my granddaughter Kiri at our favourite restaurant Gallos. Gallos is a lovely restaurant set on a hill and is part of a very large dairy about 15 minutes from where I l live. We had their cheese platter which is a range of their products.
  22. Nan

    No reason!

    Ahhh ok, thank you for the explanation.
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