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  1. Hi Koach, after looking around your's seems to be the best and shortest.
  2. BotServ allows you to have a bot on your own channel. Available commands are listed below; to use them, type /msg BotServ command. For more information on a specific command, type /msg BotServ HELP command. BOTLIST - Lists available bots ASSIGN - Assigns a bot to a channel SET - Configures bot options KICK - Configures kickers BADWORDS - Maintains bad words list ACT - Makes the bot do the equivalent of a "/me" command INFO - Allows you to see BotServ information about a channel or a bot SAY - Makes the bot say the given text on the given channel UNASSIGN - Unassigns a bot from a channel The Bot will join a channel whenever there is at least 1 user(s) on it. For additional botserv commands: Click here Crysta
  3. The Irpg game is a idler game, the players idle. In addition to merely gaining levels, players can find items and battle other players. However, this is all done for you; you just idle. There are no set classes; you can name your character anything you like, and have its class be anything you like, as well. Room name #irpg To register and login with your eggdrop first dcc chat to the bot. To register type .msg idlerbot REGISTER <char name> <password> <charclass> To login type .msg idlerbot LOGIN <char name> <password> For more information and player info: Click here Any questions, just let me know. Crysta
  4. Merry Christmas one and all!
  5. yw , anything you like me to add, just let me know.
  6. Syntax: /msg NickServ GROUP target password Syntax: GROUP target password This command makes your nickname join the target nickname's group. password is the password of the target nickname. Joining a group will allow you to share your configuration, memos, and channel privileges with all the nicknames in the group, and much more! more information on this subject click here :
  7. Happy Holidays! to you all and your families!!
  8. Played 07 December 2011 - 07:16 PM Good fun all! here are the scores for todays game: #1 Sirius 1553 #2 Nann 1315 #3 Alicia 708 #4 Crysta 224 #5 reclaimer 196 #6 DanX 171
  9. A short list of commonly used commands used via DCC Chat with the bot. Making the bot join channels REMEMBER: Always talk to the bot in DCC CHAT, commands start with a period. .+chan #Channel To change the channel your currently controlling REMEMBER: Always talk to the bot in DCC CHAT, commands start with a period. .console #Channel To See Who is on the party line .who To make the bot join or leave a channel .+chan #channel .-chan #channel To See the flags of a user .whois nickname To See the list of users you added .match * To Change a Password .chpass nickname someotherpassword To Change the Bot's Nick .set nick newnick To change the modes on a channel you control .chanset #channel chanmode +s
  10. Thank you all who joined in the game this evening, had a blast! Wtg! everyone, lol I got creamed but had so much fun! #1 Nann 1315 #2 reclaimer 196 #3 Alicia 104 #4 DanX 63 #5 Sirius 27 #6 Crysta 14
  11. Calling on all Uno players, please join us for a game! Room: #Uno Time and Day: 07:00:00 p.m. Monday December 5, 2011 US/Pacific
  12. Crysta


    Room name: #Scramble #SuperHangman !hangman start !hangman letter !hangman word !hangmanstats to see scores. any questions please let me know Crysta
  13. Crysta


    Room Name: #SuperHangman !hangman start !hangman letter !hangman word !hangmanstats to see scores. any questions please let me know. Crysta
  14. Crysta


    #Frenzy The object of Frenzy is to create as many words as you can from one larger word (the Frenzy Word). Frenzy commands (typed in the room): !WFhelp !WFobject to see the object of the game !WFcommands for game commands !WFstart ~ to Begin Game !WFstop ~ to End Game !WFchamp ~ to See CHAMP Score !WFhof ~ to See The Hll of Fame !WFstat ~ to See Your Score !WFstat <nickname> ~ to See That Player's Score !WFscores ~ to See Current Players Scores !WFaddword <word> to submit the word to Game Dictionary To join in a current game, just start typing your words. The object is to make as many 3 or more letter words in one minute as you can, out of the letters in the Frenzy Word given. For example, a Frenzy Word might be: UNSOCIABLE From that word you could make words of able, social, can, and so on. Points are awarded according to the length of the word. Able would be 4 points, can would be 3 points, and social would be 6 points. Have Fun!
  15. Time flys! and I'm behind lol Happy Birthday!!
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