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  1. Litter Three Parents are Thady X Vella 7 Puppies 3 Girls Black/White 4 Boys (2 Blue/White 2 Black/White)
  2. WHAT THE HECK that is one ugly bug i think if i found one i would be fumigating my house and area lol
  3. awe what cute boxers , laylah always looks amazing
  4. we did have them all sold but the person who was taking Oliver pulledout on monday due to something happened in their family so he is looking for a home now
  5. Prefix Velvetfields Thady X Beauty Litter Two Born 26th August 2012 Born 5 Girls (Sadly we Lost 2 Girls) 1 Boy Week 6 Pictures Bonnie Oliver Milis Jet
  6. we are 99.9% sure she is pregnant shes gotten Huge in the last week and she has had a vet check at 3weeks and 2days in cause she was struggling with the heat and the vet was smiling like yep i feel lumps , she has started to go off some foods then eat heaps of what she likes (human food) also and wanting to sleep alot and rolling around getting them into place away from her lungs and using the wall to hold herself up again so we have the ultrasound tomorrow morning to get an idea how many aproxx she is carrying
  7. New Pictures of Beauty Does she Look fat?
  8. Thady Show Stacked (front leg slightly moved )
  9. hes a Huntsman i think , he was about aproxx 7-9 inches long and would be atleast 3inches wide his legs would be easy aboiut 8inches hes the 2nd big one ive SEEN in a matter of 3months he laid so much web it was not funny i think their will be a 2nd one as big soon always comes in two's * Waits *
  10. This Is 1 Big Spider who desided to come in and make himself at home last night that Bugger laid so Much Web it was not FUNNY lmao must of thought it needed it to hold his Big BODY lol seems like he was enjoying his spot untill we killed him
  11. According to My test i got as my top 5 choices 1 Ideal Theoretical (100%) 2. Barack Obama* (66%) 3. Joseph Biden (53%) 4 Mitt Romney* (52% 5. Newt Gingrich* (51%) lol very intresting it has ideal theoretical as 100%
  12. Daniel


    about time we had a section just to chat about photos and cameras well done All My recent pictures are taken by a SONY A65 With Sony DT 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 & Sony DT 55-200mm f4-5.6 Lovely New release by sony works very very well great for action pictures and life style photos
  13. I am DanX , Real Name Daniel I live in lovely Melbourne Australia I breed border collies as a lot of you people know and have seen me brag about them or show off my website my new passion is taking pictures with my new digital camera I can normally be found in koachworkshop and a lot know me as DanX I lead the stats alot too as you could say I am easy going and I talk about anything and mix well with people Koach is nasty though I wont speak to him much j/k hope to meet some of you soon if I have not already
  14. New Beauty (Taken With My new camera Sony A65 )
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