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  1. Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuu Patsy!!!
  2. all I can think of to say is WOW!
  3. Thank You all so very very much! I had a great day and it would never be complete without all of you in my life! <3
  4. Crysta


    Join the fun in #Uno works with webchat2 and any IRC chat client like mIRC Here's how you play! Type !uno to start the game Type jo to join the game Every player is dealt 7 cards. The first player will match the first card in play, by either matching the cards color number or wording. - or be a wild card. If a player cannot play on the top card and does not have a wild he/she needs to draw. If the player cannot play the card he/she drew the player passes their turn. Play continues until a person runs out of cards. Examples are: To play a card matching blue 2 and you have card blue 4 you would type pl b4 To play a card matching blue 2 and you have card green 2 you would type pl g2 To play a card matching blue 2 and you have either the wild card or wild draw four you would type pl w or pl wdf To draw a card type dr To pass your turn type pa Any questions please ask, I hope you all come in and play - points are reset each month #Uno Can only be played with plain black font Crysta
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    Koach.com's trivia game is played in #Trivia_Fun Trivia on Koach.com has been updated to the lastest version, There are a few new features!! Typing any of the following commands will display the latest stat scores. .topday .topday20 .topday .topweek .topweek20 .topmonth .topmonth20 .topever .topever20 .mystats .stats <nick> .version Auto-Voice for Top Players during this week week & this month. Auto stop, the game will stop after a short time if no one is playing Join #Trivia_Fun by entering /join #Trivia_fun in your chat client's window. If the game isn't already playing, type !start To repeat the question, type q For a hint type ~ Click here to view our Player Stats <-- this does not work right now. Please check back. #Trivia Can only be played with plain black font. Have fun! Crysta
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