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I am not sure if anybody at Koach knew about Ryan and what happened so I decided to post the story.


Ryan had an emergency appendectomy about 8AM on Wednesday morning. He woke me up about 5AM crying and I knew he was not well. I grabbed Cody up and took both of them to the ER where I was advised and signed consents for surgery. Ryan was not happy about getting that IV stuck in him but he did get brave for mommy and one of the OR techs was a young female who seemed to take good care of him so I just grabbed Cody up and waited. By this time I called my mother and Jimmy. Jimmy got a friend of his to fly him here and he rented a car when he got here about 2 that afternoon. Mama got here late that evening. The surgeon called me about an hour later and told me Ryan was going to be OK and he would be up in his room in a couple of hours. Jimmy surprised me by staying all night with Ryan so I could go home and take care of Cody. Ryan was released about 10AM yesterday and Jimmy left here this morning. I have made jokes before about Jimmy having ice water for blood, but he sure was scared Wednesday when he walked into that hospital. 

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Ryan spent most of the weekend chilling and eating some ice cream and veggie soup. I got to take him to see the surgeon for a post operative appt this afternoon. He is getting better.

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