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  1. This is the same set prior to restoration
  2. Restoration complete. This is a very unusual and rare set that features a full set of tone controls for bass, treble and volume and specialized sound guide boxes in the speaker area.
  3. Hi Nan!! = ) I do precious metal recovery and extract essential oils from various plants. I can manipulate electrons on one bench and molecules at the other bench. LOL!
  4. The other half of the lab is set up for chemistry
  5. just a photo of my current test bench. don`t mind the mess...
  6. Here is a photo of the ool that was taken last year after the new liner was installed
  7. My uncle Bill passed away last week. He was the last relative I had on my father's side. Uncle Bill played a role in the re-enactment of the 1814 siege of Fort Erie where (where not when dawn LOL) I was born for over 20 years. He has one last role to play come May. His ashes will be fired out of a cannon in a 21 gun salute in his honour. R.I.P. Uncle Bill. The Siege of Fort Erie 1814 by Frederick Carsted http://www.warof1812.ca/forterie.htm
  8. TV_Tech


    also missing is a gun rattle LOL
  9. this set is going to be for parts/ornament/prop. the picture tube is good but not much else so the picture tube is going into the the 1949 Admiral combo console and that set will be restored
  10. this one has had a new picture tube installed at some point in it's life. I'm guessing in the '60s some time. It's a high hour set but the picture tube is still good
  11. this one could double for a single bed or sofa LOL! it's a monster
  12. Yep, this one will get all the help it needs the picture tube tests like new
  13. yea 4 are barn finds literally, they have good picture tubes in them and other useful parts
  14. This set I found posted in the classifieds of the early television museum site based in Ohio. Turns out the fella just lived around the corner from me and was too happy to drop it off vs dragging it to the dump. He tried to donate it to the museum but it was too new and cost prohibitive to ship. I was equally happy for the gift. LOL!
  15. This set is a 1958 Marconi Triphonic Console Combo with AM/FM/Phono/TV. A huge piece of furniture. LOL!
  16. Here is a 1960's metal portable. These sets used a non polarized ac power cord and were a shock hazard. That will be corrected with a polarized AC power cord upgrade.
  17. Here is a mid 50's table top set. The cabinet is made of Bakelite which was used prior to the invention of plastic.
  18. This is a 1950 Admiral console
  19. I scored a barn find (literally) of four vintage sets. This one is a 1949 RCA/Victor table top set.
  20. :o garage??? isn't that what the living room is for? old cars and harleys
  21. Vegetables: 1 Quart of onions 2 Quarts of cucumbers 1 Medium Cauliflower 2 Finley diced red peppers (optional) Sauce: 3 1/2 cups sugar 1/2 cup flour 1 Tbsp Turmeric 2 Tbsp celery seed 1/2 cup mustard powder 1 quart vinegar Spice Bag: 4 Tbsp pickling spice Method: peel and cut onion into medium size pieces peel cucumbers and remove seeds, cut into desired size pieces separate cauliflower into small flowerettes finely dice red peppers Make brine to cover vegetables of 1/2 cup coarse salt to 1 quart water Add a pinch of alum and let stand overnight Drain vegetables and prepare sauce Pickling bag: 3 to 4 layers of cheese cloth and tie tight, set aside Boil 3 cups of vinegar with 3 cups of sugar and the pickling bag for 1 minute Remove pickling bag Combine remaining sugar, remaining vinegar, flour, mustard powder, turmeric and celery seed. Add to hot mixture Cook sauce until thick stirring constantly with a wisk Add vegetables and cook slowly for 25 minutes Be careful not to scortch Ladle into hot sterilized jars while hot Makes approx 8 pints
  22. Here is a 1951 General Electric Console. This photo was taken at a friend's house. I'll post another photo so more detail can be seen. I love the styling of this old tv set where the chassis sits above the picture tube instead of below or on the side like most sets from this era. It is in working condition but I'll be going through it anyway.
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