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1964 Westinghouse Television


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This is the latest set I picked up.  A 1964 23" Westinghouse console.  These photos were copied from the ad.  The set has the wrong legs on it LOL!  The origianal legs would have only been 6 to 8 inches in length not a foot and a half ^_^  I haven't done much to it yet other than to test the picture tube which has 50% of life left and should give a decent picture when completed.  This was one of the first sets to use a printed circuit board instead of the point to point hard wiring of sets in the past.



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When I was younger, my father put a b&w tv in my bedroom for me, very similar to the one above, he also wired it with headphones so I could lie in bed and watch tv without keeping my parents awake lol .. it also had a swivel base so I could turn it around to face the bed :) 

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