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1931 Westinghouse Columaire Model 801


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Here is a 1931 Westinghouse Columaire Grandmother Clock Radio.  This is a piece designed by an engineer named Raymond Leowy.  The design reflects the building styles of the early '30s and that is also reflected in the clock hands (two of which are missing on this set so I'll have to have a set made up for it)  The cabinet has been refinished and the radio section completely re-built with all new capacitors, tubes and resistors.  The set is working like new again.  All I have left to do is to have the clock assy cleaned and lubed as well as the hands made.  This clock "ticks" just like a wind up model and has a power outtage timer that allows the owner to know the clock can be accurate to within 3 minutes of a power outtage.  Should the timer count down totally the clock won't start again until the timer has been re-set assuring accuracy.  There was even a "remote control" available for this set in '31.  The cabinet is made of solid walnut with a poplar strip up the front inlayed with burds eye maple.  More on this very rare and highly desireable piece can be found here:





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Our forums aren't really for selling things Cal, they are mostly for information and interest.  However, if you post a photo of your clock radio perhaps someone would be interested.  

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