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1949 Philco TV/Radio/Phono Combo


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Here is a photo of a 1949 Philco TV/Radio/Phono Combo (model 49-1076) before I started it's restoration.  So far I have replaced all the wax paper capacitors, tested the CRT picture tube (tested as new), ordered in a complete set of NOS (new old stock) tube set and cleaned up the chassis.  I'm now turning my attention to the cabinet which is in fairly decent shape.  No vineer chipped however the doors have an aligator skin texture for some reason and have discolored.  I'm thinking exposure to excessive sun shine might have caused it.  I'm hoping to just re-finish the doors so they'll match the rest of the cabinet if not I'll have to strip and redo the entire thing (no small task).  I'll post another photo once all the work is done and the set working again.  Note the FM band coveres the entire spectrum.  Very strange given it's year.




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