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best 7 places for adventure and excitement around the world


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1. France, Avoriaz, biking through the mountains
     Avoriaz is one of 12 within the resort online in each area of Port-de Soleil, which fall within the scope of the French Alps. The resort of Avoriaz is an ideal destination for lovers of the leadership of the stairs through the mountains, where they can enjoy the experience of cycling handmade, and to participate in the annual festival of cycling which is racing, in which about 4,000 people over a distance of up to 75 km from the mountain trails are steep at the end of the month of June of each year.


     2. Antarctica (Ontarkateka), Marathon ice
     Amkink- only in Ontarkateka- enjoy this unique experience annual you will not find anywhere else around the world. Marathon as being the ice at a temperature up to 20 degrees below zero, also doubled in the surrounding ice cut from a sense of cold weather. So, perhaps you may not need to have previous experience in the area of ​​the enemy as much as you may need to get useful tips on clothing appropriate for the race to keep your safety!


     3 Greece, Sporades Islands, swimming across the islands
     Swimming is an official movement when spending your vacation in Greece Sporades Islands! You can enjoy a daily swim with the dolphins in a wonderful blue water between the group of islands in the Aegean Sea, which is part of the largest natural marine park in Europe. And it is all done without busy to carry your luggage, which will follow you from one island to another in the boat and follow-up support to your.



4 United States of America, Washington, Climbing Baker using skis
     Access to the summit of his own pleasure always! But if it was double the fun waiting for you in a new adventure in the downward journey. You can climb Mount Baker, who is covered by snow using skis, then later use in rapid decline and sexy will be pumped huge batches of adrenaline to your body, from a height of up to 3285 meters.



5. China, Yangzhou, rock climbing
Yangzhou has become - the picturesque fishing village - adventures Chinese capital due to the availability of opportunities to climb the rocks of the mountains majestic stone on a wide range of fields are emerald green. And the availability and Yangzhou for climbing enthusiasts, the largest gathering rocky mountain in Asia, is easily accessible by bicycle or bus from the city center.



6. Dominican, water skiing
     Provides the northern coast of the Dominican 500 km of water bodies with coherent waves of the North Atlantic to enjoy skiing on the water away from the crowds, as well as a golden opportunity to enjoy the water Bzarkh Caribbean coral reefs and picturesque views.



7 Honduras, Mosquito Coast, rowing boat rubber
     Gives you the Mosquito Coast or "Coast Miskito" which was named in honor of Indigenous Populations of Indians Miskito, the opportunity to ride the Rio Blatano to the Caribbean coast Bakerbak rubber, and traffic tribes of indigenous people and enjoy the wildlife unique and serious at the same time, where you radiate otters river and parrots Scarlet and Tigers The vampire bats and other wild animals.


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