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Happy New Year!


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Happy New Year everyone - I'm in it already and so far so good !!


A New Year's message


At the beginning of each New Year, it is traditional that we make resolutions, engage in possibility conversations, consider healthier decisions, and even commit to personal harmonic progressions for the coming year. Here are some additional, optional considerations you may want to reflect on that will help to ensure that we all have a Happy, Prosperous, Wonder-filled, Awe-inspiring 2013.


In this New Year, be sure to LIE, CHEAT, DRINK, SWEAR and STEAL waaaay more than you did last year. Here’s what I mean…


LIE back and relax just a little more this new year. Let a little more life happen to you without so much worry, fret and concern. Read some novels (trashy or otherwise). Embark on a new discovery path in terms of your education, longings, desires, fun, spirituality or even subject matter than really doesn’t interest you…wade in, lovingly and open-heartedly.


CHEAT failure. Don't be afraid to try something new because you think you may fail. It is through failure that we learn the most valuable lessons and grow. Instead of “If it’s worth doing—it’s worth doing well!” how about “If it’s worth doing at all—do it any way you can…but DO IT!!!…Have you ever noticed that many of life’s lessons are encountered in such a manner? What magnificent learnings! Be open to the lessons and education!


DRINK from the fountain of Knowledge. Many people around you have already been down roads you are about to travel. Learn from them including the challenges they may have had. Take what they have learned and apply it to the best of your best. Give possibility to other opinions that you have never considered as “realistic”. Consider exploring concepts that bump up against your own sensibilities. (And ask yourself where, in fact, you got that sensibility in the first place?) Pay close attention to the many times you think you’re acting on an intuitive hit when if fact, you’re reacting and acting in a way that does not serve you, them or the greater good.


SWEAR to do your best, all the time, in every situation. That is all you can ever ask of yourself. Suspend your judgments at least once every day…just to see if the world really does come to a screeching halt. Notice how often you pre-judge something or someone BEFORE having all the information. Commit to “check it out” long before you get “hooked” on your own story about the situation.


STEAL time for yourself. Every day, take a little more time to develop a stronger relationship with the one and only... YOU. Remember, if you don’t take care of you…who will? Time spent alone is time invested in the most important person in your life. Relish the wonder of being in harmony with the “real” you…that person that touches others in a remarkable and delightful way…(if you’re not sure about this one—just ask a couple of dear friends—and listen…really listen to what they tell you!) A period of reflection—every day—will keep you completely in tune with your Vision, Mission and Purpose.


So, if you LIE, CHEAT, DRINK, SWEAR, and STEAL just a little more this year, you will have one of the most amazing years of your life. And it will probably surprise and delight both you and all your friends!

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Happy New Year to everybody. May 2013 bring forth more inner and personal peace, understanding, knowledge, acceptance, and all the other good things in life. Just remember that we all are going to clash at times; yet, to let a minor conflict or difference in opinion to fester into something negative is a waste of time. Keep you heads up, hearts open.


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