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  1. Happy Birthday TV_Tech , i hope u have a nice day.
  2. Having fun with my kids and grandkids ...

  3. Happy Birthday Star . Is it possible to send me the cake by mail ?
  4. Happy Birthday Henry I wish u a nice day
  5. It always hurts to loose a friend , had the same with our cat last year. Our thoughts are with u and blondie. Karel
  6. Casa

    New Years Resolution

    I have the same lol....
  7. Happy birthday Stormy , plz leave me some cake . Casa (Karl)
  8. Nice pics , it was daytime here so i didnt see the eclipse.
  9. Casa

    Flight over Oklahoma

  10. Happy Birthday Blondie i hope u have a nice day
  11. Patsy i wish u a nice day with lots of fun and joy and pizza's Casa
  12. R.I.P. Spike , may your soul have peace now. U are in good hands now. Casa
  13. Casa

    Funny pics

    See me chillin bro.....
  14. Happy Newyear to all the chatters and i hope that everyone has a good year with lots of fun and in good health.
  15. R.I.P. CuddlyOne , we wont forget u.
  16. No goodbye but i see ya tomorrow where ever we are . Grtz Casa
  17. Casa

    Funny pics

    What about a BIG BIG BIG Pizza?
  18. Casa

    Funny pics

    U like pizza ? What about this one .....
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