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    Reading good books (esp suspense and paranormal) and biographies. I love swimming. The idea of travelling interests me but I am so much of a Taurus that I just don't travel well. I like chat and love Readers' Corner. I like the really good short stories and the really awful ones as well!

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  1. Thanks stormy. I was hoping that it would be not URL. But the picture of the first picture in the series. I, this is not making sense, but I kind of thought the it would be like an icon there, saying, solaces, whatever. Oh Lord, I'm not making sense. I'm just gonna stop LO. L
  2. BUT... YOU NEED A 🐈 CAT! (I swear I'm gonna FedEx you a cat and be done with it!!!
  3. I'm trying to post a slideshow of Solis But I can't do it meh
  4. https://photos.app.goo.gl/SVjXPDvpu1coxkDk9
  5. https://photos.app.goo.gl/SVjXPDvpu1coxkDk9
  6. Netherlands... very cool, SS! 👍
  7. OMG, EB is so sweet looking! Love you 😍
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