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    Reading good books (esp suspense and paranormal) and biographies. I love swimming. The idea of travelling interests me but I am so much of a Taurus that I just don't travel well. I like chat and love Readers' Corner. I like the really good short stories and the really awful ones as well!

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  1. OMG, EB is so sweet looking! Love you 😍
  2. Of course she is! I did not go to the Humane Society to get a dog! LOL!
  3. Koach, that cat furniture looks sweeeeeeeeeeeet!
  4. I had to send the pics of Solis from my phone so I could go back to computer and save them and post them here. This is to stop the rumor by Stormy & Koach that Solis is imaginary!!!
  5. HAPPY 64TH BIRTHDAY, PATSY DON'T WORRY... Pasty, you're not getting old; You are already old 😆🤣 🤣 Will you still need me Will you still feed me When I'm 64! -The Beatles
  6. [February 22nd 2022 2:48:32 pm ] <Patsy> I don't have a sister
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