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  1. Casa

    Adam and Eve

  2. I couldn't explain it better...
  3. I remember ...... But i'm ancient as a mummy lol
  4. Casa

    Worst Day Ever

    LOL , translated it and told it to my wife .
  5. Nice clock & radio TV , never seen this combination ( in this size ) before. Keep us posted with more of this stuff , i like the "old electronics".
  6. Casa

    Cats and weapons

    Watch out for these cats , they use the new improved "stun a human" laser.
  7. Casa

    Compliment me

    Good Mirror huh ....
  8. Ok i found "the Koach Subway" delivered by ambulance .....
  9. Because your wish can come true.....
  10. U saved my life , i was looking for those pizza's for a long time. Thanks u are my hero
  11. Yep , dont tell anyone i told u .
  12. Casa

    Someone really stinks

    Whahahhaha nice one lol.
  13. Happy Birthday Tewl , i wish u a nice day with lots of fun.
  14. Happy Birthday , i hope u have a nice day. Save some cake for me
  15. I think he is the reincarnation of Dzjengis Khan but even he wants to steal our chat secrets......
  16. Gonna try this one too , i like pies .... and pizza lol
  17. Casa

    Watch real baseball

    I recognise this when we are playing soccer in the backyard Game stops when some lady in a house near the stadium shouts "Dinner time!" ‚Äč
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