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  1. Happy Birthday , u can send the cake to Stormy for distribution to all the other chatters . I wish u a nice day .
  2. Casa

    Redneck Etiquette

    LOL this is a good one , maybe i will translate it to Dutch for my Dutch friends.
  3. Casa


    I have some pizza for you lol.
  4. Whahaha its like the truth how its gonna happen ..... spending lots of money on useless things.
  5. Casa


    Thankgod , hopefully she gets better soon and got to go home to her kids.
  6. Casa


    Prayers for Dawn from our family.
  7. Can i come too ? I like to be on a cruise lol. I know PNG of pictures from my uncle , he was in the army in the early 60's and stationed in PNG. I wish u a nice holiday....
  8. Hmm thats good one , no more spam in my mailbox. Thanks for the link
  9. Casa

    My Truck

    Thats a nice one
  10. Hi Stormy , glad to hear blondie's doing well and i hope she gets home soon. Give her our blessings and greetings.
  11. Mumbles something about NSA heheheh
  12. Looks like its in Stormy's backyard lol.
  13. Casa


    Sorry to hear that , we had the same 3 years ago with our cat .
  14. Lollllllllllllllllllllllllll
  15. Uhm .. i want a PINK one with hello kitty stickers It matches with my bulldozer hehehehe.
  16. Casa

    Dumb Blonde?

  17. Me too Star , here are my sons dogs , guess who's the slave .....
  18. Casa


    She is cuuuuuuuuuuuuute
  19. Hehehe i'm sorry for those who have to make a choice for a new president
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