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Don't hop on the bus, Gus

Stay away from the pack, Jack

Sneeze into your sleeve, Steve

To keep virus free


Stop touching your face, Grace

Stay back at 6 feet, Pete

Keep washing your hands, Stan

And heed the CDC


Don't visit your Gran, Jan

Wipe down every toy, Roy

Don’t hoard all the food, Dude

Just buy sensibly


Use some Purell, Mel

Keep wipes close at hand, Man

Don't listen to John, Don -

You need no more TP.


This isn't Spring Break, Jake.

Stay home if you're sick, ****. <censored> Short for Richard.

Follow the rules, Fools.

And stay virus free.

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Niet veel Tijd gehad !!!!!

Maar de SARS-Cov-2 staat ook op de Wikipedia 


En die is tot het Laatste Detail ook bewerkt door het Team !!!!

Met Vriendelijke Groetje & Hoop dat het Jullie nog Goed Gaat 

En met de Translator kan je alles Automatisch laten Vertalen

En Kijk bij de Drie Puntjes: Of je Updates hebt Monteerd van de #GoogleChrome

Want de Laatste die zijn ook toegevoegd !!!!!

Groetjes John

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Not much time !!!!!

But the SARS-Cov-2 is also on the Wikipedia 


And it has also been edited by the Team to the last detail !!!!

With kind regards & Hope that you are still doing well 

And with the Translator you can Translate everything Automatically

And look at the Three Dots: If you have Updates from the #GoogleChrome

Because the last ones are also added !!!!!

Greetings John

Translated from John's post by Google translator.

Edited April 19 by Johnrambo497

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