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Wall mural


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A PNG friend of mine received an award yesterday in the Australia Day Awards, his award says he is a Senior Contributor.   He is involved with our local "Mens Shed" which is a huge building where the local menfolk can gather and create all sorts of things, without the women around to interrupt them.   Jodam is one of those men and not long ago became an Australian Citizen.  His award was in recognition of the mural he painted along the front of the shed.  I took some photos for him this morning so he can send them to family in PNG and thought I'd post a couple of time here.  

One shows the building with the mural along the length of it and the other shows part of the mural with a post in front that has also been painted.  Jodam's maintings are quite good, he is also a very talented sculptor and some of his pieces are excellent. 

Jodam Art6.jpg

Jodam Art1.jpg

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Here are a couple of his sculptures the first one comes with a note from him as follows :

"As a creative carver, I always make a point of challenging myself to be able to leap when most others would only jump. 

A couple of years ago, I was given an old piece of marble tile by a neighbor, she told me that she carried the tile all the way from America to the Philippines and that she wanted the stone to be fashioned into a carving as a safe-keeping memory of her growing up in a house somewhere in America. So for two years I kept the stone at the entry way to my studio while muling over what shape was best for the stone. Then one day I brought home a couple of broken shells from the beach and left them on the tile. That was how my mind was able to tag onto the shape you now see here."


Jodam Sculpture2.jpg

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