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We've got E-2Ds out there in Iwakuni (Japan) now, we've got F-35Bs with III Marine Expeditionary Force, we've got an all-Super Hornet air wing, and in a couple years we'll have F-35Cs out there. We have Virginia-class submarines making lots of deployments in the Western Pacific, and we also have high-end upgraded [ballistic missile defense] shooters in our DDGs. And so that, combined with the TPY-2s (radars) we have in Japan, the Patriot (missile defense) batteries, provides a pretty good umbrella as far as ballistic missile defense. As far as partnerships, we're in our 64th year with the South Koreans and the treaty, our alliance that is the foundation for peace and stability in the peninsula and in the region in Northeast Asia. … We do a lot of exercises, we have two major exercises under U.S. Forces Korea commander Gen. Vincent Brooks, Key Resolve and Ulchi-Freedom Guardian, that we show the North that we're ready to deter any aggression. With those exercises and those partnerships, I think on a daily basis we show the North that we're ready to effectively stop them if the need arises.


Vadm Joseph Aucoin

Commander US 7th Fleet

West 2017 Conference on the situation in North Korea



( we're ready to effectively stop them if the need arises. )


And NOW he has the best damn guided missile cruiser in the whole of the US Navy, and my dear husband.

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Good heavens girl, your signature takes up almost the entire screen of my laptop!   Would you mine changing it to something smaller and less obtrusive please.  I'm sure you will understand, given that you have problems with your screen and font sizes when bots are activated for things like YouTube.

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And I did not say I was telling you to go pound sand. My point was you used the example of my problem with screen clutter being complicated by the way I had to magnify my screen. I complained and was told in essence to go pound sand or simply just leave. My comment was simply my acknowledgment of your example.

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