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Dropping out.


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I notified Hampton University this morning that I will not be attending classes there. During the past few weeks I have tried to pass a refresher course in math. I am sinking and was asked by the teacher Friday to reassess my decision to continue. I decided last night after speaking with my mother and other family to drop out. 10 years is just too long for me. Thankfully I did not lose a lot of money in this. I bought used books.

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Sorry to hear it Dawn, I know you were looking forward to the challenge.   I think you've done the right thing, and maybe as Koach said, there will be something else that you might like to study.   Being a parent takes up a lot of time and mental energy too and we change.   I know that once I was a parent I was far too busy in that role to have undertaken any serious study. 

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Dawn, Maybe take some remedial course during the summer and try again next fall or winter?

Anyway, sorry to hear you were having problems with it.

College level classes are hard enough and when you add raising two boys, it becomes much more difficult.

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