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Cyclone Uma hit Vanuatu


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29 years ago today we were battening down for our first cyclone experience. We had no idea it would be so powerful and do so much damage. Cyclone Uma started to pound Vila around 5pm on Saturday 7th Feb 1987 and blew Port Vila apart.


The photos are of just outside our house, the carport and paddock, our riding school "clubhouse" where people congregated before and after riding to have a drink, play darts etc and the workshop and generator shed with the big tank and stand for water that serviced the whole 120 acres.





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Terrible things, cyclones and hurricanes.


My family and I were in Hurricane Audrey in June of 1957. My dad was on a job in Sulfur, LA and we were staying in a motel on US 90 (now I-10) next to a drive-in theatre, the screen was blown down and impacted the wing of the motel we were in. We moved to New Orleans as soon after as we were able to travel.




In the United States, Audrey killed at least 416 people, the majority of which were in Cameron Parish Louisiana, though the final death total may never be known. 15 in Canada most in Quebec.

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