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10 Celebrities are like personalities "Disney" cartoon


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Actress Amanda Saafred resemble largely personal "Rapunzel" from the movie Tangled. Both are green feast possess broad and long blond hair




Chris Culver famous turn in the series Glee, largely resembles a personal "Pinocchio" wood, checked in Khaddodh high with pink and his eyes Allowasotain and you'll find similarities, and when asked Culver about the similarities stressed his happiness thus indicating that it belongs to provide a theatrical presentation of "Pinocchio."




Golden mortar, it is difficult to imagine, but remember the movie Lady and the Tramp cartoonish? Precisely when Ms. retained in the dog cage? There was a voice in the background, largely resembles a dog barking .. This was the voice of the Golden mortar


Lily Cole is not famous they are largely a mannequin Mentha began at the age of fourteen, all you need to gain access to personal "Merida" Brave is the heroine of the film sleeves cover her hands and left her hair corrugated ComboBox without linking.



Here Simon young actress involved in the championship series New Girl, the similarities between them and the "Jasmine" film heroine Alaadin, great, they are Canadian but enjoy the beauty of the Arab with dark skin and black hair, and Ti_abhan largely in personal specifications, they are both enjoying independence from Ohlehma.



Kerry Washington-like figure "Tiana" heroine of the film The Princess and the Frog, both in the same dark skin and dark eyes wide4834ec00-38c8-11e4-9076-a13be265c12f_dis


Hugh Laurie became famous in the Arab world turn in the series House, you find resemblance between him and the "Scar" the villain in the movie The Lion King? See the picture well and checked Eye and followed an audio clip of his famous series, which do, you will feel that you are in front of the lion "Scar"


Azla Fleischer is like actress Amy Adams, but the closest to a personal "Ariel" from the movie The Little Mermaid, both of which have enjoyed the color of dull skin and personal vitality.





Tom Welling or "Prince Eric" hero film The Little Mermaid to see hairstyle and their eyes blue. Tom known for his role in the series Smallville



Leighton Meester known for its role in the series Gossip Girl-like "Snow White" from the movie Snowwhite and the Seven Dwarfs, skin light and dark hair, red lips only imaginable in red.


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