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Crash Hot Potatoes


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6 small yellow or red potatoes, your choice of potato that you like best.

Kosher salt.

2 TBSP of Olive Oil

Fresh ground Black Pepper



In a small sauce pan, boil your potatoes for 12 minutes, in lightly salted water until fork tender.


Pre Heat oven to 475 degrees


Put your fork tender potatoes on a baking sheet, and with a potato masher, gently mash each potato with a little texture on the top of each of the potatoes.


Drizzle the top of each potato with olive oil.


Sprinkle each potato, generously, with salt and pepper.


Bake until golden brown, and crisp 15 minutes.




Add a pat of butter to each potato, before baking

Add some cheddar cheese on top of each, before baking.

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