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Good Fishing Trip. Modified.


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It's nearly summer again. This year I'm going to get out more.

This is the first trip. We went fishing.

We got the ferry out of sydney.


Got off and went bush. I spied a deer, if the gf wasn't there I would have popped it. It would have been first food.


Headed for the first camp site. It's low tide. This area is mangrove swamp and it's the only time you can get in and out of here. Of course I was urchin for stuff to use along the way.


We got to the first site and made camp.


I threw In a line, caught a small one for bait but they didn't like eating their homies. I found that the fish liked mussells and mangrove worms best.


Looking back the way we came you can see the way In and out Is fully cut off. I could have gotten back through the bush or swam It In emergency.


Heaps of rock oysters. You don't even have to peel them off the rocks there. Their in clumps in the sand.

Just throw them on the fire and they open.


My crazy little darling enjoying the wide open spaces. Of course she's crazy, you'd have to be going on a fishing trip with me. Double jointed redhead, she's pretty crazy anyways.


Me wanting to punch out the local wildlife.


Next Day we cut a track back out of there.


Went to the next spot to do some ocean fishing.



Of Course It was me that tagged up the tent.


Went round the point and fished.


Went to the rsl and had a club feed and a beer and got a bottle of scotch and hooked the ferry and train home.

Of course It wasn't me that peeled the first sticker off, put it over the survailance camera, stood on the seats, drank, smoked with loud music going.


We had a good time, can't wait to do it again.


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