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Strangest 10 places on Earth


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To watch together a list of ten strangest places on earth

1-Socotra Island - Yemen

post-457-0-45218000-1334789456_thumb.jpeg post-457-0-14962200-1334789496_thumb.jpeg

It contains wonderful this island more than 700 species of animals and rare plants


2-Salar de Uni - Bolivian



If you go to this fascinating place, you will feel like you are dreaming, because this place has the largest salt desert in the world! What makes it fascinating and there is a thin layer of water above the salt


3 - Klylock Lake - Canada



4 - Dry valleys - Antarctica



5 - Rio Tinto, Spain


And the name of the region is taken from the name of the river Rio Tinto, which is characterized by red color, because the high water acidity and rich in minerals.


6 - The hot spring pool of blood - Japan


Looks as if it were a scene from a horror film that dominated the vampire world, but hot water pond located in Japan, and gained a strange red color concentration of iron in its waters.


7 - Configure quills - Mauritania


Is one of the wonders of nature that scientists could not find out the cause of their formation until now, the composition of very large diameter of up to 30 miles to the point where it is hard to see him only from space.


8 - Vale de Lua - Brazil


Means the Valley of the Moon, which is formed by the formations Ckarh water, are found in a forest, Brazil Cerrado, and consists of quartz stones, which is one of the oldest known rock formations on earth.


9 - Stone Forest - China


Which means Forest Shilin Stone Forest in Chinese, is a geological wonderland which is composed of limestone, which Nanth water through different geological ages, to produce this wonderful masterpiece.


10 - Oasriceoilt ice cave - Austria







Different caves ice caves for the ordinary in that it gives you the impression that makes you feel like you came out of the planet and has become the planet Pluto, for example.

There are many ice caves in the world, but this cave is the largest, which extends for a distance of 40 kilometers.

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