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Conspiracy Theory of Titanic Proportions


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Ok, let's play around with a little conspiracy theory - pproposed by a friend of mine :)


What about if you were to be told that the Titanic didn't sink 100 years ago today, and instead, it was her sister, the Olympic?

What about if it was all due to an insurance scam that went horribly wrong?


Let's start at the beginning.


White Star Line wanted to build bigger and better ships than their rival Cunard's Lu...sitania and Mauretania. So the builders presented them with plans for 3 ships and they signed their contracts in 1908, when they started construction. They would be Olympic, Titanic and the smaller Britannic.


Olympic, which wasn't as yet christened, had her maiden voyage in 1911, captained by Edward John Smith. She had an accident when she collided with an English warship and put huge financial strain on the company, so they had to utilise funds from the building of the Titanic to try to fix the Olympic. Titanic was to have her maiden voyage in March, but due to Olympic

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