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  1. I'm sure Koach or Stormy know much more about this than I do. I am assuming based on something Koach said in chat many years ago that the MSN staff was using comic chat many years ago. I suspect at a minimum comic chat was no longer supported past at least 2006. It is even possible that comic chat was coded for DOS versions of early Windows. This kind of reminds me of when I upgraded from XP to Vista. I finally had to just go buy a new 3 in 1 scanner printer. I was looking through some of my old containers a while back. I imagine I have at least $1500 worth of old software that will no longer run in Windows 10 or 11 without running a virtual machine. While I agree with Koach about the information being helpful, sometimes I think it is best to not live in the past! Peace
  2. Lizzie

    UFO portal?

    Looks more like Pac-Man to me!
  3. Maybe the kitty is about you bring you a basketball championship! One more game!
  4. Sorry to hear. One of my nieces totaled her car back in Oct. I just hope you did not get hurt. My niece was bummed up for a while. A drunk hit her in Greenville.
  5. They're also a pretty good alarm clock, especially if your late feeding them!
  6. High School class reunions are always nice. I missed my 20th but am looking forward to the 25th being planned. My mother's class (1968) had a breakfast up in Winchester Virginia this past summer. Thanks for sharing!
  7. We ordered one of those from Amazon a while back. Lilbit liked it for a while but stopped using it. We finally gave it to my sister. Lilbits favorite place is a small plastic crate under one of my end tables.
  8. I would suspect that too. The thing is I have letters and cards going back to the late part of the 1800s with writing and signatures that look like that. People today fail to understand that back then a large portion of the population was in fact illiterate in the US. Gramps might have attempted to pull a fast one, then again maybe he did not. I am shocked the writing on that paper is still legible. Most of mine is hard to see.
  9. Jimmy Carter goes to bed every night thankful for brandon!
  10. I was looking through some old comments and took notice of this one. Still miss Smiley. My husband and I recently attended the services of what he called one of his mentors going all the way back to his days at the Academy. A Veteran of both Korea and Vietnam. He served on too many ships to list here. He had retired in the 1980s from the Navy but was working at the Academy for years afterward. His services were a bit subdued because of Covid and social distancing. I was surprised to see bagpipes being played after the service and his body being removed for burial. This song was played. Later I asked my husband what that song was? He said it was "Abide with me" and it was not the first time he had heard it played at a funeral. ABIDE WITH ME!
  11. It is always sad when beloved pets fight like that. My oldest sister had to separate her two toms many years ago because of this. She sent one to go live with a cousin that also lives in Greenwood. Both are gone now, however, afterward both lived full comfortable lives, sadly apart!
  12. It's been a year since I was an active part in this community because of this I only know of Stormy being a vet. I just wanted to thank Stormy for his service! Same to anybody reading this that is also a veteran.
  13. Absolutely! This coming Veterans day I am planning to be helping our church with their feed the homeless Veterans plans for the 11th. I still live on Post here at Ft Eustis, and try to never miss an opportunity to thank a vet! I still miss Picker too! GO NAVY!
  14. My bad! Lizzie takes note that the Old man in West Texas served on the USS Rosie and the USS America. My memory must be defective, I honestly thought I remembered you said you was on the Connie!
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