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  1. Busy day at the Ft Eustis Commissary, somebody beat me to my favorite parking spot!
  2. Well, since it looks like I can't expect any poultry coming from Colorado, I got me a turkey today!
  3. Not so much a screenshot, but an interesting shot of the moon. I can't get to my better camera, this was taken with my Iphone7 about 30 minutes ago. Just a really clear image.
  4. I got the 2nd monitor today. I like my setup!
  5. Just a quick look at my work area, my new built system alongside my laptop!
  6. Bing image with watermark removed!
  7. I would estimate the entire store was maybe 60% stocked. There was no poultry to speak of. Very little pork. No canned biscuits. Very little milk. No TP and a few packages of paper towels. The main freezer compartments were empty.
  8. This morning I took a grocery list of 37 different items with me as I took my kids and went to the Commissary. As you can see from this receipt I only was able to get 5 items. I will keep trying. The manager told me they were expecting several more trucks.
  9. Lizzie


    For the record! I can't seem to be able to get in at all. If this means I have to change something about my chat software take this as a goodbye.
  10. My current desktop. This is how the Moon, Earth, and sun looked in July of 2018.
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