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  1. We did not get the story for tonight
  2. Hope all is well. Please send us the story for tonight Thank you
  3. cant get into Koach mirc

    1. Elusive_Butterfly


      the server is not listed


    2. SolidSnake


      /server irc.koach.com

  4. help i need to get into mirc


  5. i need the link to get into Koach on mirc


  6. i had to leave trivia where i have been playing since "David" has been playing there. He calls me some horrible names and why i don't know. This man Calls me B and C and makes horrible accusations about me.. Been playing there since the room was started several years ago. I can not take his name calling anymore and that is why i had to stop playing there. I brought and old trivia friend c00ee (25yrs) in and he see's what David is calling me. i find this all very upsetting and disturbing since i am an original member of that room. i wish he could be banned Thank you for listening
  7. OMG i am SO SORRY poor sweet baby
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