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  1. I believe pawpaw in the USA are called papaya .. in case anyone is wondering
  2. Just a couple of photos of my pawpaw tree. It actually belongs to my neighbour, and she waters it, but look how it has grown over the fence and into my yard. It's right in front of my kitchen window and I love my living sculpture. It has delicious pawpaws on it too which is a bonus.
  3. Nan

    My KVIrc

    I really like that chain
  4. Thanks JohnRambo497. Another year, another birthday ..so long as they keep coming I'll be happy 🤣
  5. That looks quite yummy (except for the pickle stuff on the side) but it's what we call a bread roll, not a sandwich. A sandwich is made with sliced bread.
  6. Hi, I'm late! Welcome from me too, it's so good to have you on the ircop team, and it also gave us the opportunity to get Koach to raise the height of the door so the Odd_Giant could get in and out easily. 😆🤣🙃
  7. The only thing that was low for a few weeks was mince meat (ground meat) at the supermarket, but at my local butcher, they had everything as usual and apparently were really busy because the supermarkets had lower supplies. A win for the bucher and small business !!
  8. That's beautiful ! Well done. I remember my grandparents has something similar and would gather around it at night to listen to the radio
  9. Ok thanks for that TV, I have no idea what you said, but I'm sure it makes perfect sense !!
  10. I don't mind the mess, but it's good it's in your house and not my house !!! I also like that lovely timber sideboard in the third photo. I have to ask, what are you cooking?
  11. Nan


    Where is this house? I want to live there !!
  12. Nan


    Love this .. the floors are beautiful and so is the fireplace
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