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  1. They aren't available to view
  2. Nan


    I recognise eggs (they look like poached eggs?) but no idea what the other food is lol
  3. Yum they look delicious !!
  4. Nan

    Told ya's

    It's amazing how they only attack tourists .. I feel so safe when I walk under trees lol
  5. Koach that's how our forefathers made it to the countries where we all live today. I think I prefer something a bit bigger and sturdier.
  6. LOL Koach I'll see what I can do, I couldn't see my house in the photo, it's up hidden in the mountains. Maybe I'll ask those people to hover over our town and take a photo so I can share it. The closest I can get you, is if you turn it around until you can see a mountain in the distance with cloud over the top (so you can't quite see the peak) that is Mount Bellenden Kerr, the highest mountain in the State. I'm pretty much directly behind that mountain on the other side of the plateau. The mountain range is the far northern end of the Great Dividing Range which runs a lot of the way along the east coast of Australia from south to north
  7. I saw a photo from a Facebook page called Lensaloft Photography and I thought I'd share it as it's a 360 degree aerial shot of Cairns in Far North Queensland. If you move the photo around to the west towards the mountains, that is where I live. http://tinyurl.com/yygkp98a - hope the link works for you The link to the Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/Lensaloft/ there are loads of really great aerial shots of various cities around the world.
  8. Beautiful sunset .. I notice that Airforce 1 was passing overhead ?
  9. Great photos of the Tall Ships. I remember when they sailed into Sydney Harbour as part of the bi-centenial celebrations, it was a great sight. My parents then lived in a house built on the side of a cliff overlooking the harbour and we were lucky to be on leave from New Guinea. We all sat on their patio and sipped champagne (I think the guys drank beer) and watched the parade of ships.
  10. Koach that gap is the one we all flew through to get home to Goroka where we were living in the 70s and 80s .. if the gap was clouded in, the planes turned back. They say that if a pilot has flown and survived in Papua New Guinea, they can fly anywhere in the world. There is one airport that was, at one time, the busiest airport in the world, due to the discovery of gold and the flights in and out with equipment. Some say it was Wau (the strip in the top photo) but I believe it was a different one but still in the same timeframe. With mineral discoveries and wars and the only way to get around New Guinea being by air, there's a lot of flying in often hazardous conditions.
  11. We all stay away from the Kukukukus .. they are a very short race and very fierce .. they are fantastic security guards too My favourite photo is the second one of the pilot looking up to the aircraft with the cameraman on board. I love the detail and the river down below, very typical of what we saw when we were flying to and from in PNG
  12. Nan

    Aussie - o

    LOL yes Koach !!
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