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  1. Odd

    Weird Cloud

    I'm not saying aliens did it, but 👽
  2. Odd

    New camera..

  3. Odd

    New camera..

    I've been working with this new camera I got (Nikon D3500) and I want to share one of the best photos I've captured so far. Any tips on photography would also be great. Enjoy.
  4. Odd

    R.I.P. Gizmo

    Sorry for your loss. RIP Gizmo
  5. Odd

    My new look

    What woman were you messing with that punched you in the face?😂 but yeah that sucks, not much they can do to repair nerves, good it wasnt anything more serious
  6. Odd

    Update on Blondie

    Sorry for your loss. We'll all miss Blondie. She was always nice to me and I am sad to see she's gone.
  7. Odd

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Dawn! Hope all is well with you and the holidays were enjoyable.
  8. Odd

    new Koach.com website

    My nickname Odd says it has 39 nicknames in the group. It wont let me ungroup them or drop them.
  9. For all those who use kindle I was bored today and decided to read last weeks story. I looked for it on kindle and of course it wasn't on there. But I found a way to get it on my kindle device in kindle format to read on my kindle. It's going to seem complicated but once you go through the steps it's actually simple. 1) You will need to get your send-to-kindle email address which is on your amazon account device settings page. Go to my devices and "settings" and scroll down and there will be an email address for you to send files to in various formats so that it will upload it to your account. 2) You must email the files from one of the approved email accounts which is also on the same page as above ^ 3) Find the story you want to read and email it on one of the supported file formats as an attachment to your send-to-kindle email address from the authorized email account. 4) If you want extra options and want to convert the story into Kindle format. Download the story or copy/paste it and save it as a pdf file. Email the story as an attachment to the send-to-kindle email address with the subject "convert" (without quotations) and it will convert the pdf file into a kindle format. 5) The story will appear on your kindle device to download/read from there. I've done the steps above and have the story from the previous week on my Kindle to read like I read most of my literature. So Complicated. But having the ability to cut and paste and read it in Kindle format was worth the 5 minutes for me. Also, storing it in the Kindle format allows you to keep it in your Kindle collection for as long as you like to revisit it later, which I happen to like.