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  1. looks like american beef
  2. Happy birthday, hope you have a great day
  3. Happy birthday black-heart!πŸ₯³ Hope you have a wonderful day - Your pals at koach.com
  4. Happy Birthday, Hope you both had a wonderful day
  5. id like to have this level of fun one day, nice
  6. Odd


    I feel intelligent that I get this πŸ˜…
  7. Looks like she's full of sass, reminds me of someone lol
  8. May the heavens bless us with your presence for many more years to come. Happy Birthday!
  9. Happy birthday πŸ’ƒπŸŽ‰
  10. Happy birthday dlk427! Hope you have a great day
  11. Happy Birthday Dash!🧐 Have a great day!πŸ₯³
  12. We are wishing you a very happy belated birthday Pajama. Sorry, we were actually working on birthday fun stuff and it just happened to be the night before the day of your birthday so an error occurred. But hope you had a great day. πŸ₯³ Happy birthday Lance, haven't seen you around, swing by and say hello if you happen to see this post. πŸ€“
  13. Odd

    Uno Commands #uno

    Uno Commands for the Uno Card game in #Uno Channel UNO! Commands: !uno - starts the game UNO! Stats: !unotop10 [games|wins|21] !unotop3last !unostats UNO! Card Commands: jo=join pl=play dr=draw pa=pass co=color ca=cards cd=card tu=turn od=order ct=count st=stats ti=time
  14. Good picture, I can tell who Jason takes after looks wise
  15. Good picture Jason. You remind me of someone I know from chat, EB. Haven't chatted in a while, I'll try to catch you next time.
  16. Meet one of the Facebook fact checking teams aka CNN veterans. I saw a fact checked post and decided to look the company up for fun. Short profiles of one of the facts checking groups on Facebook. Leadstories.com, fact-checking partner of Facebook All of this information can be found on leadstories.com about page. ADMIN: Perry R. Sanders, CEO - Class Action/Mass Torts/Personal Injury, Celeb Profile Lawyer Alan Duke, Cofounder, Editor in Chief- 26 year career with CNN on entertainment, current affairs, politics Maarten Schenk, Cofounder- Speech Recognition Steve Brusk, Assignments Manager- Worked on the national desk and CNN for 20 years Monte Plott, Senior Editor- USA Today, St Louis Post-Dispatch, USA Today, CNN Digital news 10+ years Fact Checkers: Alexis Tereszcuk: Entertainment Editor, RadarOnline, US Weekly Arthur Brice: Political Editor Tampa Tribune, Executive Editor and producer at CNN for 11 years Chandler Friedman: "Dupe sniper" 15 years’ experience in Atlanta area Dana Ford: Writer/Editor for CNN Digital Hallie Golden: The Guardian, New York Times, Bloomberg CityLab, AP Victoria Eavis, Sarah Thompson, Sarah Schmidt, Olivera Perkins
  17. I use the simple version but I'll try the not simple version to see what all of that code means because I haven't got the slightest clue πŸ˜…
  18. Just checking in to see if they've torn that nothing happened monument down in riots yet
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