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  1. Koach

    Distro review: Dragora GNU/Linux

    Thanks, msftofficehelp Good info Welcome to the forum
  2. Koach

    Happy Brthday, Koach

    Thanks very much everyone
  3. Koach

    A Visual Pun

    LOL, thats very good
  4. Happy Birthday Nan! I hope you have lots more cake and ice cream today Koach
  5. Koach

    Ozzy Man Reviews Soccer Dives

    I just did a search for "ozzy man" on YouTube, you'll see a lot of Ozzy Man Reviews. Even though they are made for Youtube, they are very funny lol
  6. Koach

    Ozzy Man Reviews Soccer Dives

    Oh, I think it's definitely made for viewing, probably hoping it will go viral. All they would need is someone with an Aussie (I hope Aussie is ok) accent and video editing software. lol, but poking fun at the soccer players is warranted, since they attempt to make every play very dramatic.
  7. Koach

    reclaimer's pets

    Very nice pets you have, p
  8. Koach

    Ozzy Man Reviews Soccer Dives

    With all the futbol (soccer) going on right now, this video seemed very appropriate as well as very funny. Warning, there is plenty of profanity, something that seems to be a national pastime in Australia. We'll have to ask Nan about that Ozzy Man Reviews Soccer Dives!
  9. Koach

    Happy Birthday, Star

    Happy Birthday Star! I hope you are planning on attending lots of wild parties today lol Koach Like the pink? lol
  10. Koach

    R.I.P Whitey

  11. Koach

    R.I.P Whitey

    Yes, i know, Outsider, and thanks for your comments. But, the other louts on this forum, i don't know about them lol
  12. Koach

    R.I.P. Casper

    Today, I had to euthanize the second cat in a week. Casper was 17.5 years old. He had kidney disease and had, for the most part, stopped eating about a week ago, and by this morning, he could not stand any longer or even keep water down. He was my grandson's cat (the grandson that lives with me).
  13. Koach

    R.I.P Whitey

    here i am, in grief, and you all make jokes lol
  14. Koach

    R.I.P Whitey

    My cat Whitey died today of complications from kidney/liver disease. I had him from the the day he was born (I also owned his mom and dad). I have had a lot of cats in my life, but he was one of my favorite cats of all time. He was 14. R.I.P. Whitey
  15. Koach

    Cannot send to Channel

    hi Johnrambo497 The only time I have seen that message is when I am typing in the Status window and do not use / in front of a command. The Status window will only accept commands which always start with a / Hope that helps, Koach