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  1. Koach

    Flying in Papua New Guinea

    It's a very interesting part of the world. Thanks for the posts and explanations
  2. Koach

    Flying in Papua New Guinea

    You're right. The second is a great picture. I also like the V with the mountains hidden by clouds. That would be nerve wracking flight lol
  3. Koach

    Aussie - o

    LOL, you do love your abrevos, don't you?
  4. Koach

    Flying in Papua New Guinea

    Thanks Nan, The pictures are amazing and the explanation with each is fascinating. I think I'd stay away from the Kukukukus lol
  5. Koach

    A visit to Alpine

    lol, i like the mailbox the best
  6. Koach

    Weird Cloud

    I took this today as I was driving home. The community in the distance is where I live. That's a firehouse near the entrance to the community. It really looked to me like the beginning of a tornado, but it eventually just went away.
  7. Koach

    Dinner Time

    lol, I think those are my neighbors
  8. Koach

    New camera..

    lol stormy
  9. Koach

    R.I.P. Gizmo

    Thanks for the condolences, everyone. I still look for him and then remember
  10. Koach

    R.I.P. Gizmo

    My 20 year old cat died peacefully in his sleep this morning. He was on my lap and never seemed to feel anything, at least nothing I could detect. I have had a lot of cats in my life but Gizmo was, by far, my favorite. Now he's playing with his sons (Whitey and Curley) in kitty heaven. Poor Panda (PK) is very sad. She keeps walking around the house meowing and sniffing the kitty carrier I used to take Gizmo's remains to the vet for cremation. R.I.P Gizmo Gizmo a few months ago:
  11. Koach

    Norfolk Naval base trip

    Interesting pictures. thanks for posting
  12. Koach

    Panda the hunter

    Yea, that's what i did with it, of course lol
  13. Koach

    New car!

    I drove it some today. it's really nice. 3.6 L, six cylinder engine gives it some get up and go lol
  14. Koach

    Panda the hunter

    So, when I tried to get Panda to come in for the night, she was no where to be seen. I finally found her under the kitchen table playing with the present she brought into the house. I think its a vole, too big for a mouse, too small for a rat lol
  15. Koach

    New car!

    Since my granddaughter will be getting her license May 1st (we hope lol), it's time to play the pass down the car game. My granddaughter gets her mom's old kind of beat up Ford Fusion, my daughter gets my 2017 Subaru Forester, and I get a new car