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  1. Koach


    Just testing the camera in my phone taking the picture from about 12-15 inches away.
  2. Koach

    Newly Weds

    LOL, good one
  3. Same to you, JohnRambo. I hope your holiday is a happy one!
  4. Koach

    Seasons Greetings

    Nope, not solar. I haven't seen any around here.
  5. Koach

    Seasons Greetings

    I let my grand kids put up my outdoor decorations unsupervised. Not too bad a job except they all look like they are falling over and half the strings of lights don't work. I guess it's off to Walmart tomorrow to get some new lights and stakes.
  6. Koach

    Seasons Greetings

    lol, I love it, Nan. The water is so blue, and the sand so white. It's a beautiful picture. Does your beach sand usually pack together like that?
  7. Koach

    Noah and The Ark - Version 2018

  8. Koach

    Driving MsNan

    Nice Car. What year, make and model is it?
  9. Koach

    Seasons Greetings

    Very nice post, Smiley. I wish everyone the same Koach BTW, beautiful picture of your home lol
  10. Koach

    Gizmo going on 20

    This cat is Gizmo. He will be 20 in the spring. He's deaf, and he sometimes walks around in circles for a few minutes. I know he gets stuck trying to remember what he's doing lol Anyway, he never forgets he likes to lay in my lap
  11. Koach

    A few funnies

    lol yes, stormy, that's a good one too. Great selection, Nan
  12. Koach

    RIP Old Friend

    lol oh so true!
  13. Koach

    A few funnies

    Nan, lol, these are great. I really liked the HEBREWS one lol
  14. Koach

    mIRC automation

    It seems we have several snippets of code to auto IDENTIFY. I think this is the most accurate and effective: ================ From an earlier post: Jas has improved this code to work with all nicks (registered and grouped nicks). Thanks jas ================ on *:NOTICE:*:*: { if (($network == koach.com) && (Nickserv!*service* iswm $fulladdress) && (*please choose* iswm $1-)) { ns identify ****** } } bReplace the ****** with your nickserv pass.