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  1. Wall mural

    He is really talented. I like the top carving that looks like the inside of a shell that has a spiral shape.
  2. Wall mural

    I agree, they are very good. If you have any pictures of his sculptures, I'd love to see them too. lol, did you tell him he now has a following in the US?
  3. You live in a very interesting, and beautiful part of the world.
  4. Thanks Nan, they are very interesting pictures.
  5. Man on toilet

  6. Man on toilet

    Another one ElusiveButterfly sent me lol

    I love bob newhart lol
  8. No reason!

    I liked win7, but I like win 10 much better.
  9. Dead fly

    LOL, i never thought about that. But, i want to point out the level of skill to kill him with only breaking one leg off. Maybe his buddies will think he's just sleeping, and leave me alone <innocent smile>
  10. Dead fly

    I hunted this sucker for two days. R.I.P. Fly lol
  11. Congratulations Dawn aka Chirp

    Welcome Home! Hope you are back to normal soon.
  12. Holilday Greetings

    Merry Christmas from Colorado too!
  13. Congratulations Dawn aka Chirp

    Pics here too, please lol I am not surprised they want to keep you in the hospital. That's not a minor surgery.
  14. hahaHAHa!

    That's a good way to end, with a period lol.
  15. Congratulations Dawn aka Chirp

    Congratulations from me too! Was she born a little earlier than expected?