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  1. Thanks Chain, I;'ll give this a try. Koach
  2. Koach

    Current Desktop

    LOL, any day now.
  3. Koach

    Snow 10/28/2020

    Winter is coming, Stormy, you better make sure your snow shovel is ready lol
  4. Koach

    Current Desktop

    A good Halloween picture.
  5. Koach

    Snow 10/28/2020

    That's real pretty, Stormy. How far from you are they?
  6. Hi John, Try it again. I removed the ban. Koach
  7. Thanks, Chain. I learn a lot from studying scripts like this.
  8. Those are the biggest fruit things I have even seen lol
  9. This is what Panda brings me now. At least they are dead and not flying around the house like the birds she brings me in the spring. And much better than mice and rabbits lol. The wingspan on that one is 4.5 inches.
  10. I love the color of their eyes.
  11. Here's the old starpirch download StarPircH30.exe
  12. How to block unwanted PM (Private Messages) Recently, we've had people receiving unwanted PMs from other chatters. This post explains how to block them. ==== Inspircd (the server software we use on koach.com) allows you to block all PMs, while at the same time allowing PMs from your friends. Here's how to do it. First, when you connect, make sure you set user mode g to yourself: /mode your_nick +g That will prevent anyone from PMing you. When someone tries to PM you, they will receive this message: Koach is in +g mode (server-side ignore). Koach has been informed that you messaged them. On the other hand, you will see this: KoachTest Testing@k-dovndu.someisp.net is messaging you, and you have user mode +g set. Use /ACCEPT +KoachTest to allow. Once you have ACCEPTed them, you can PM each other for the rest of the chat session. You can also add your friends to your ACCEPT list when you connect, so that they can always PM you. For example, if I wanted to allow Stormy to PM me, I'd type: /accept +stormy If I wanted to allow Koach, Nan, Eyecu, and Stormy to PM me, I'd type: /accept +koach, +Nan, +Stormy, +Eyecu Of course, I could just accept them one at a time too. To remove someone from your ACCEPT list, just use a - instead of a + to add them: /accept -Stormy or /accept -Stormy, -Nan or a combination: /accept +Stormy, -Nan To list people on your ACCEPT list, type: /ACCEPT * ******* Another good mode to use. To prevent PMs from chatters that are not in a channel you are in, use User mode +c: Example: /mode your_nick +c For example, If I am in #room1 and #room2, and another chatters is in #Room3, they would not be able to PM me. They'd have to be in either #Room1 or #Room2 to PM me. ******** To Save user mode g or mode c, or both, so you don't have to add it every time you IDENTIFY, type: /ns set keepmodes ON | OFF depending if you want your modes saved or not. Note: you can only save your user modes if you are using a registered nick. ******* I'll add more information to this post periodically.
  13. Koach

    My KVIrc

    That looks pretty nice, chain.
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