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  1. Uhm... Koach that was an ODD thing to do lol. Welcome to the nutthouse Odd.
  2. R.I.P Gizmo , u are now with your friends again. My Gizmo died januari 21 age 13 so i know the feeling losing a friend.
  3. Casa

    New Kitten

    Awww i like kittens , she's a beauty.
  4. Sorry for the loss of a friend.
  5. Sorry for the loss of Whitey.
  6. Dash happy birthday , enjoy it.
  7. Casa

    Dead fly

    All his brothers and sisters are gonna hunt u now and in the future
  8. Congratulations with your baby girl , we like to see some pictures of her
  9. Casa

    How to amuse a blonde

    I still wonder how in the world a blonde found this site
  10. Casa

    Texan X-mas lights ?

    Got this pic from a friend of me from Texas .
  11. Casa

    No reason!

    LOL Koach hacked McAFEE
  12. Casa

    Who is the boss ?

    Showing that steak who's the boss
  13. Casa

    U remember this day ?

    Waiting 48 hours in a sleeping bag in front of the store .
  14. Happy Birthday ..........................
  15. Casa

    Got Milk?

    U both don't understand , milk comes out of a factory . What do cows have to do with it ? Grtz (Casa has a blond moment.)
  16. Johnrambo497 added to the list.
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