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  • Birthday 11/01/1944

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    Alpine, TX
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    I enjoy chatting on koach.com, hunting, playing Poker, traveling and camping, shooting targets.
    I live in Alpine, Texas the Gateway to the Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch.
    Texas is the only state that was a Republic before joining the Union, we are also the only state that has the right to fly our flag at the same height as the US flag.
    Texas is home to many professional sports teams, NFL has the Houston Texans and the Dallas Cowboys, Baseball has the Houston Astro's and the Texas Rangers, Basketball has the Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio also have professional Soccer teams, although I claim ignorance of their names, as well as of the names of the Ice Hockey teams in the state, so if anyone wants to clue me in, I'd appreciate it.

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  • Nan

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  2. Wall mural

    His paintings are excellently done, his carvings? Even more so. Thanks for sharing these.
  3. Wall mural

    Those are quite good. Thanks for sharing Nan.
  4. This picture looks like lave bombs in a few places.
  5. New! SuperTrivia 5.1

    Try setting the "Styles" tab as below. Let me know if that works, if not, I'll check a few more things from my setup.
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    Yuuge fly
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    SHHHHHHHHHH She's busy pressing the button.
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    MIght try clicking them to see.
  11. Nan's family animals

    She is really quite the Little Lady
  12. Texan X-mas lights ?

    LOL, no lights for me, I never decorate for any holiday.
  13. Texan X-mas lights ?

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    Wow, that looks good.