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    Pixie Hollow, deep in the heart of Never Land
  1. Crysta

    Happy Birthday, Crysta !!

    OMG! Thank You all so very much! I been buried in boxes! I have pretty much got a handle on it now and dying from major computer withdraw.... Thank you Thank You
  2. Crysta

    happy birthday nan

    (^) (^) Happy Birthday!! (^) (^)
  3. Crysta

    Happy Birthday, Koach!!!

    Happy Birthday To You!! and Many More!
  4. Crysta

    Happy Birthday, TV_Tech !!

    Happy Birthday! TV, Have wonder day!
  5. Crysta

    We're baaaack

    Thanks Tony!
  6. Crysta

    Commonly Used Commands

    Hello Vipes, In mirc options/connect fill in full name-email -nickname- and alternative with what ever you want than In mirc open Scripts editor, click on Remote tab add on *:CONNECT:{if Koach.com == $network { /identify yourpassword /join #roomname } hope this helps Crysta
  7. Crysta

    Happy Birthday, Crysta !!

    Love Love Love That! Thank You !
  8. Crysta

    Happy Birthday Blondie !!

    Happy Birthday, Blondie!
  9. Crysta

    Msn Chat Control Install

    I can't help with this either sorry.
  10. Crysta

    Happy Birthday, Picker

    Happy Birthday! and many more! Crysta
  11. Crysta

    Happy Birthday, Koach !!

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!
  12. Crysta

    Happy Birthday Nan!

    Happy Birthday!!
  13. Crysta

    Adding popups to Mibbit

  14. Crysta

    Happy Birthday, Crysta !!

    Thank You! Thank You!