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  1. Nan

    New Kitten

    She's very cute !!
  2. Nan

    My new look

    Having gone through nerve pain with my granddaughter, I find it interesting that with the medical science we have today, they still don't seem to be able to do much about that kind of pain. A spinal cord stimulator helps her but I guess it wouldn't do much for a facial nerve problem. You look very handsome with that big blue bruise on your face 😁
  3. No idea Smiley, it's been a family story for some years (the family come from a long line of archdeacons and the like) and always the quote was as posted
  4. Reading some of those Q and A's again, reminds me of a true story -- a Religious Studies question in a school exam was Q. "Who said 'Eli Eli Eli, my son" ? One young boy responded with his answer A. "Eli's father" The boy got a detention for being a smartypants however even as a grown adult, he never ever found out exactly who did say "Eli Eli Eli, my son"
  5. Some of those answers are very clever and quite amusing
  6. No Smiley, the cargo cult thing is pretty much worn out in PNG, however in Vanuatu on the island of Tanna there is a huge village that still believes in cargo cult and they worship a man called John Frum (which is thought to be John from .....) who gave them some gifts many many years ago and said he'd be back. It's actually a really interesting village and I've spent time there with the Chief as one of our waitresses came from the village and we were invited to visit.
  7. Most of you know I was away for a while with my girls in PNG, so thought I'd add a few photos. We were in the Milne Bay area of PNG which is where a lot of the big WW2 battles were fought, so a lot of interesting things to see, as well as the traditional dancers and the beautiful scenery.
  8. Nan

    My grandson's rock band

    Thats great Koach, the kids must have had heaps of fun and learned new things for their music too
  9. Nan

    Nan, is this your Boxer.

    LOL ... no but it looks a bit like Tzutzu (Kiri's boxer girl) and something she would do as she's still a baby. Interesting that the boxer has a docked tail, it's illegal to do that here, although I think it's still allowed in New Zealand. So, all our boxers have long tails and boy can they hurt when they are furiously wagging them to let you know how happy they are to see you lol
  10. Nan

    New wheels and rims

    oh wow, they are really nice and somewhat classy too !
  11. Nan

    A Visual Pun

    LOL !!!!
  12. Nan

    Happy Brthday, Koach

    Happy Birthday Koach !!
  13. Nan

    Happy Birthday Nan!

    Thanks lovely people, I had a busy but great day that started with strawberries and cream and went quickly downhill from there, ending with cake and more cream, icecream and even a little champagne .. very nice indeed !!!
  14. Nan

    reclaimer's pets

    All very cute and I'm guessing much loved too, pat ... thanks for sharing with us !
  15. Nan

    Ozzy Man Reviews Soccer Dives

    The level of profanity in Australia is in line with the level of "class" or lack thereof. I don't swear often and when I do it's normally when nobody but I can hear it, but I do when I see someone referred to as "Ozzy". That makes me wonder if it's genuine, or just something "made for video". It's "Aussie" folks ... Oz was a mystical land in an American movie. The video is hilarious and yes, some of those players are not very good actors !!
  16. Happy Birthday Star !!!!!!! Have a spectacular day filled with laughter and happiness. xx
  17. Nan

    R.I.P Whitey

    Louts ? louts !!!!!!!! ... I don't know about them either 😂😂
  18. Nan

    R.I.P Whitey

    Well, sometimes in grief, it's easier to talk about them by remembering little jokes and things that happened when they were alive.
  19. Nan

    R.I.P Whitey

    I agree with Smiley, he typed well at times. He was a beautiful cat that's for sure
  20. I have a little Fuji Finepix S1500 digital camera. One of the reasons I like it is that it has a viewfinder as well as the screen display, and I much prefer to set up a photo using the viewfinder. It seems these days, unless you go to an SLR digital, there are very few digital cameras with a viewfinder. The camera does al I need, and a lot more, and it suits my needs. Also has a great grip on the side so I can hold it securely.
  21. A good camera ... I can understand what you said too lol
  22. Nan

    Cannot send to Channel

    JohnRambo, you need to use English, I'm not sure anyone can understand the language you are using ... Thanks
  23. Happy Birthday, stevejobs - hope you've had a great day !!
  24. Nan

    Yet another blonde joke

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Nan

    Happy Birthday Casa!

    Happy Birthday Casa !!!! Have a great day !