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  1. LOL !!!!!!
  2. Sounds good, and your man would have been happy after that meal.
  3. LOL love it !!!
  4. Happy Birthday Star !!!!! 21 again
  5. 5 of you all together is positively scary !!!!
  6. Ummm is there something you're not telling us ? "Babies" ??
  7. LOL so many people shout so loudly about things they don't understand. So sad
  8. The Do's and Don'ts link just goes to a page where you have to sign up to read anything
  9. That's lovely
  10. One of my favourite songs
  11. What a nice ool .. and lovely surroundings too ... I'm guessing that's where you liveTV ?
  12. That was extremely inspiring, I have a feeling that there are changes afoot. People in many countries are demanding changes from their churches, educators and politicians and perhaps slowly things will change for the better and for the benefit of our children and grandchildren and the future of the human race. I hope so !
  13. LOL !!!
  14. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (love the mocassins)
  15. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!