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  1. Glorious Insults

    These are great, Nan. I'll have to remember some to throw out in conversations lol
  2. Stupid is ----------

    LOL, we do have training classes on how to read a calendar, if you are interested.
  3. Wind Turbine Blades

    Yea, it sure is. I have seen huge blades travel by rail through Colorado, but nothing that long.
  4. new Koach.com website

    Hi John, leuk je te ontmoeten. Nice foto ook lol, I hope that made sense, I used Microsoft Translator. English: Hi John, nice to meet you. Nice picture too
  5. Old is when ...

    Who's an old hippie?
  6. Happy Birthday Elusive_Butterfly, Hope you had a great day Koach
  7. Good old hef

    He always seems to wear that one lol I am sure he was, he was popular with lots of people.
  8. Got Milk?

    I KNEW that's what you did for milk!
  9. Happy Birthday Tewl

    Happy Belated Birthday Tewl!
  10. Got Milk?

    I've never tried milking a cow.
  11. JULY 4th

    Hi Jacqueline5, and welcome
  12. Boxer going Nuts

    that is so funny, i love how he jumps along with the scene on the tv
  13. Got Milk?

    LOL, i thought milk came from a carton
  14. Old is when ...

    LOL , i haven't seen that one before