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  1. They are about 40 years old. They need a good oiling, but they are still in pretty good shape.
  2. LOL, now I know where I get it from. I got his name and his sneakiness!
  3. Another funny picture. Curtis is my grandfather, he was around 5 years old and his teacher sent this note home around 1905. Besides the signature, it's also very funny that my grandfather's last name is Robertson, not Robinson lol
  4. Here are more hippy pictures. My ex, who was about 18, me (around 19) and two daughters, 2 yrs and 6 months. These were our dressed up clothes lol. Also, a picture of my moccasins, which I used to wear every day, and I still have them lol
  5. Thanks for the info. This huge ships are fascinating.
  6. Here's a joke ElusiveButterfly sent me: BEST LAWYER STORY OF THE YEAR. This actually took place in Charlotte, North Carolina. A lawyer purchased a box of very rare and expensive cigars, then insured them against, among other things, Fire. Within a month, having smoked his entire stockpile of these great cigars, the lawyer filed a claim against the insurance company. In his claim, the lawyer stated the cigars were lost 'in a series of small fires.' The insurance company refused to pay, citing the obvious reason, that the man had consumed the cigars in the normal fashion. The lawyer sued and WON! Delivering the ruling, the judge agreed with the insurance company that the claim was frivolous. The judge stated nevertheless, that the lawyer held a policy from the company, in which it had warranted that the cigars were insurable and also guaranteed that it would insure them against fire, without defining what is considered to be unacceptable 'fire' and was obligated to pay the claim. Rather than endure lengthy and costly appeal process, the insurance company accepted the ruling and paid $15,000 to the lawyer for his loss of the cigars that perished in the 'fires'. NOW FOR THE BEST PART... After the lawyer cashed the check, the insurance company had him arrested on 24 counts of ARSON! With his own insurance claim and testimony from the previous case being used against him, the lawyer was convicted of intentionally burning his insured property and was sentenced to 24 months in jail and a $24,000 fine. This true story won First Place in last year's Criminal Lawyers Award contest. ONLY IN AMERICA . . . NO WONDER THE REST OF THE WORLD THINKS WE'RE NUTS.
  7. I always thought Nan was missing a few roos from the top paddock. Looks like that's one lol
  8. Dawn, are you also working on your family genealogy? Photos like the one you posted are great records of family history.
  9. lol, hard to believe it is that old, yet modern looking at the same time. I wonder what percentage of the ship is submerged.
  10. Those are very interesting. What a mix of cultures. The chain around the elephant sure looked tight too. Thanks for sharing them Koach
  11. Happy Birthday Walter, you old man. Hope you had a great day
  12. LOL that's for sure.
  13. copied from https://www.arcamax.com/comics
  14. Happy Birthday, stevejobs. Sorry, I forgot to post here. Hope you had a great day