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spice rub that I used on my crock pot chicken


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I used a whole chicken for this and I used all the spice rub.  I put the spice rub under the skin and then on top of skin.


I used olive oil to cover the chicken lightly so the spice rub would remain on the chicken while it cooked.



2 T of salt

2 T of white sugar

2 T of brown sugar

2 T of cumin

I used a little more then 2 T, because I like the taste of cumin

2 T of chili powder

I used a little more then 2 T, because I like the taste of chili powder

2 T pepper

1/4 cup of paprika


Mix it together till its totally blended.


I suppose you could used this spice rub on more then just chicken, I'm thinking maybe on some ribs, or mix it with some hamburger meat for tacos.



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I admit it, that's what I normally do also and I use the chicken for enchiladas, sammies, soup, or whatever, its much easier and convenient, but I wanted to see  what the chicken would taste like if I got a rub from food.com, and do it myself. (first time I have tried this lol) and also the first time I cooked it the crockpot, after about 5 hours the meat was falling off the bones, I left it a bit longer just to be sure, because Stormy doesn't normally like chicken, because he is afraid its not cooked at the bone, he has been served chicken that was undercooked and blood still at the bone, anyhow, when I pulled the chicken out I needed a spatula and a fork because the meat was so tender it was like pulled pork, and the flavor was pretty good. Anyhow enough babbling lol It turned out great and Stormy enjoyed the sammie I made.

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