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Updated IceChat Guide


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Since there are some chatters that simply prefer using a client over something like web-chat, I've decided to do a guide to help those install a program called "IceChat" onto their computer. This client is enriched with emoticons and is fairly easy to use, once you get the hang of things. It's more straight-forward and simple to use than other programs (like mIRC) for those unfamiliar with using such a thing.


First off, you need to download the program: CLICK HERE!

When you first click on the link, it will bring you to a CNET page.

As your download starts, your download bar (if you are using Internet Explorer) will appear and it will look a bit like this:




Please click on the "Save" button that I have conveniently highlighted with a red square.

Once your download is finished, you'll see that the download bar has changed; and that it looks as the following:




As you may have guessed, you're to press the "Run" button. This will launch the IceChat Installer to install the program onto your computer. Once your computer has opened the program, you will start off with a screen that looks very similar to this:




All you need to do is continue clicking the "Next >" button until the program is properly installed. Don't worry! This is easy, there's really nothing for you to worry about and the installer will tell you when it's finished. (:


After the program has finally been installed, you should have an "IceChat" icon on your Desktop! Yeah, that's how nice and easy they want you to use IceChat (nice, huh?). Go ahead and double-click on that icon and you'll come to an interesting window.




Here, it's simply asking for your NICKNAME - this will be the name that people on Koach.com will see you as. In this particular example, my nickname is going to be "YourNicknameHere". Once you've filled in your nickname to how you want it (Pancake, Waffles, IHeartPancakes, or whatever name you decide..), click the green arrow button to go onto the next screen.




This is the "server" that you'll be connecting to. Here on Koach.com our IRC server is "chat.koach.com" and that's all you have to put into the box there! No frills, no whistles, no jumping over a hurdle .. you're fine, keep calm! As usual, we're going to go ahead and click on the green arrow button (the one that points to the right! d'oh!).


Now you're going to have a MASSIVE window in front of you. For the time being, we're going to be focused onto one area of this window - just to keep things nice and simple!




This is the left-side of the window that we'll be focusing on. You want to 'click' on chat.koach.com and then click on the connect button (both of which are highlighted in the above image). This will connect you to the network. Once you do.. Welcome to Koach.com! Hello there!


Now that you're connected, we're going to take you to a specific channel (Chatroom) called #Old_MSN_Chatters - this is how it should look when you're about to join the room:




Go ahead and type that in (at the bottom of the screen - the image should give you a roundabout location as to where this is). Now press "Enter" (on your keyboard, of course).




Woohoo! You're connected, you're in a chatroom, and you're ready to roll. If you ever want to change any of your connection settings - you click on the "chat.koach.com" that you did when you went to connect and click on the computer with the blue sphere behind it (five icons from the left). It'll bring up a window like this:




DO NOT CHANGE THE SERVER NAME OR PORT! Those settings are how you connect to the network! Don't even think about it. =P


Nickname: This is the name that everyone sees when you're chatting.

Alt. Nick: This is the name that IceChat will use if your normal nickname isn't available (like if you moof!)

Away Nick: Whenever you mark yourself away or have been away from the computer for a little while, this is the name that IceChat will change your nickname to.


All of the other stuff isn't important. Just have fun chatting, enjoy yourself, and if you ever need help - feel free to join #helpdesk (by typing in /join #helpdesk).

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