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Preparation Kosheri


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2 cups rice

One and a half cup of lentils Bjbh

2 chopped onion or clip rings

3 tablespoons margarine or Zeetmlh - Pepper



The amount of tomato sauce is a

1 cup strained tomatoes

2 tablespoons margarine

2 tablespoons vinegar

Pepper activities

1 cup water



How to prepare and cook Kosheri:

1 - wash all of the rice and lentils thoroughly individual.

2 - are both cook lentils and rice separately with the addition of salt boiling time.

3 - Drain the water boiling, and mixed with lentils and rice in one pot.

4 - trigger ghee or oil and brown the onions, then Winchell onions and pour ghee or oil on the backward rice and lentils.

5 - Kosheri placed on low heat for ten minutes.

6 - a large scoop in a dish with onions and outlines the face reddish has boiled, add pasta cropped on the face when they apply.



Kosheri way to prepare sauce:

1 - triggers ghee or oil and add the tomatoes and leave the refinery on the fire until it is Zbeckha.

2 - Add water and left to boil, then remove from heat and add the salt, pepper, vinegar and chilli in a dish and drink the sauce to the time of application.




And after Kosheri must eat rice with milk This is something essential in Egypt






2 cups rice washed and drained well

1 cup cream

Fourth m - r salt

Cup water

2 liters milk

1910 - as the sugar

17:00 - Al-starch

1 cup water

Half a kilo of roasted hazelnuts

14:00 - PO vanilla

17:00 - K Brown Sugar

14:00 - K Water



The modus operandi of rice with milk and nuts



Place rice and cream and salt in the pot and mix well


Then settled rice over low heat heat until cooked


Put the milk in a saucepan on the fire with 10 teaspoons of sugar until boiling


Add the rice to mature previously boiled rice and stir well


And is soluble starch in water and add the rice and milk gradually with continuous stirring


When you get hurt in the strength of thick pot surrender and leave to cool slightly


Placed in the skillet with brown sugar, vanilla and water


Until fully melted sugar


And then mixed nuts


Distributes nuts on the face of dishes make a rice milk to cool slightly after


And provide rice with milk and nuts

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This looks to be something I'd probably make for friends (as my family are timid when it comes to the heat, rofl).

Thanks Henry, for sharing the recipe! If/when I ever get around to trying to attempt it, I'll update with how it came out. ;o

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