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Weekly Cooking Chat



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Lately, I have been considering having a weekly cooking chat. It would have two phases/parts of chat





There would be a weekly theme that we would discuss, ask questions, swap favourite recipes here on the forums (and explain why they're fun/good). We may have a weekly recipe that all participants should attempt - level will vary, but this is an idea for much later. During the theme phase of the chat, we will discuss the theme, recipes that were shared on the forum for said theme, and discuss openly tips and/or tips.


Question and Answer:


During the Q&A portion of the chat, all users will be allowed to ask any question that they have on their mind. It would allow even the newest of cooks a chance to ask the more experienced in the kitchen (or equally experienced in different areas) questions that they have on their mind about recipes, menus, dinners, and such.



This would most likely take place each week on Friday night, 8:30PM (20:30) EST. I'm wanting to get a feel as to the interest in such a chat and/or any suggestion as for times and day of the week that would be most convenient to the users that would take part in this chat. Feel free to either reply here or message me on the server.

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Okay, as it stands, the time was tentative and wasn't set in stone. If anyone can recommend another time that would be fitting, it should be fine. I just want to stay clear of both Reader's Chat (Saturdays at 8pm EST) and Recipezaar's schedule. This hasn't been 'started' yet, either. I'd start another topic with recipes and topic if it were. So I'm still open for any ideas that anyone else may have - be it by proxy of a staff member or from any user. In other words: input - give me loads of it.

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  • 3 years later...

I absolutely refuse to acknowledge that Koach asked me a question in 2012 and I never did answer the man, that is so rude :(

At this point in time, I can't even recall if I asked them that and thus, I haven't the foggiest what they may or may not have answered.

I am so sorry Koach and Pancake, I have no idea what was going on in my mind that allowed me to be so Rude, :(

If you should still be interested in starting this up Pancake, let me know sometime after the 21st of June . . . This year if I have the right to ask such a thing LOL

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